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Antidepressant response | Parkinson’s disease | Oral cancer

Neural signature predicts antidepressant response; test distinguishes Parkinson's disease from related condition; neurons in oral cancer

February 25, 2020 Edition

Woman undergoing electroencephalography

Neural signature predicts antidepressant response

Researchers identified specific patterns of brain activity that predict whether someone with depression is likely to respond to a common antidepressant.

Alpha-synuclein fibrils

Test distinguishes Parkinson's disease from related condition

A test that uses samples of cerebrospinal fluid was able to distinguish Parkinson's disease from a related condition called multiple system atrophy with 95% accuracy.

Neurons growing neurites

Neurons play role in oral cancer

Scientists discovered a new role for nerves in oral cancer progression, in which tumor cells send genetic messages that transform nerves into cancer-promoting agents.

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