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     Dear Elijah List Family,

     We appreciate each and every one of our readers, subscribers, prayer warriors, customers, and those who have generously given to our ministry in the past.

     I am not going to take too much of your valuable time here. I am writing to tell you all that we need your help today. It goes without saying that ministries are no different than a business when it comes to obligations that are reality every month. We have to pay our people generously, rent a building, utilities, building maintenance, computers, servers, office supplies... well, you get the idea!

     BUT... on top of these constant monthly expenses, we need to expand our reach for the lost. We believe that the Lord has called us to be one of the facilitators of Matthew 24:14, which reads: "And this good news of the Kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will come to the end." (AMP)

     I am going to be blunt here... we have no way to do this without you! The only chance we have to continue is if you pray and ask the Lord HOW MUCH He wants you to give so we can expand our reach. We need a new building for our staff, as we are bursting at the seams in our current office space.

     We found a building that we felt the Lord said was our future home, only to lose that building because we fell far short of raising the down payment that was needed. We still have that money set aside in the hopes that we can find another building that fits our needs, and we are still hopeful that our friends, LIKE YOU, will dig deep and send us your best gift so we can take Elijah List Ministries to the next level... a level where we not only have plenty to cover our monthly payroll and expenses, but also MUCH MORE so we can expand the ministry. We need to continue improving our Elijah Streams television studio. We need to "up our game" and redesign our websites, our email services, our foreign language translations (A HUGE factor in reaching the "whole world" as mentioned in Matthew 24:14), and many other areas that we feel the Lord is moving us into.

     So... we are asking ALL of you to click the link below and send your very best one-time gift or set up a monthly automatic donation so you can spread out the payments. A monthly donation is the best, as it is helpful to budget each month knowing what will be coming in for sure. We will use every gift where it is needed the most!

     Be an answer to our prayers and help us reach the "whole world". As Matthew 10:41 says, "He who receives and welcomes and accepts a prophet because he is a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward..." (AMP). Click the link, be outrageous with your giving, and get a prophet's reward today!


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is a 501c3 organization.
To donate by Check (US Dollar Only), make your check payable to:

Or Call:
(541) 967-3665

Steve and Derene Shultz
528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

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May 8, 2019

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