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Finely Chopped Garlic With a Twist

Every cook knows how annoying chopping garlic can be, and how time consuming! With this chopper, you can go from full clove to finely chopped garlic in seconds — with completely clean hands. What’s even better, it can be used for nuts, herbs, fruits, vegetables and more (you'll love using this for chopping fresh herbs from the garden)! The garlic chopper cuts garlic with just a twist of your hand and takes the hassle right out of slicing and chopping. A great accessory for any chef, this garlic chopper also works for ginger, arugula and other items. Not only will you save yourself from washing your chopping board and knives, you’ll be able to chop safely while keeping the pungent garlic smell off your fingers.

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This unique garlic chopper provides finely chopped garlic with a simple twist and its sharp, stainless steel blades with durable ABS plastic body are built to last. The Garlic Chopper keeps hands and cutting boards clean and makes transporting chopped garlic into your favorite recipe hassle-free. Plus, it’s faster than using a garlic press and much faster and more efficient than using a knife. This is something that many of you have been waiting for, something that chops garlic into fine little pieces without the hair-raising strain of using a cleaver. Just put the garlic into the Garlic Chopper and twist. And (presto!) you have finely chopped garlic ready to go!

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Get every bit of the fresh garlic taste you love right in the pan with no waste and easy cleanup! You’ll love this tool because you can choose how fine you want to chop simply by twisting more. Can’t believe your luck? Just buy this essential little gadget and your life will never be the same again. All you need to do is twist – for fast and easy garlic.

Crazy, and yet so simple!

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