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Hi Kuka,

Deciding to eat better is great for your health, weight and mind - but what about the practicalities?

You can arm yourself with all the info you need, get motivated by the benefits you’re going to see …

… but unless you actually change what lives in your fridge or cupboards, you’ll have a hard time changing what you eat.

Refreshing your shopping list is key, here’s some ideas:

Slimmer’s Healthy Shopping List Essentials

Emotions Tripping You Up?

From desperation to positivity, emotions play a key role when you're trying to get slim, they can trip you up or spur you on.

Here's 8 that can have a big effect, along with guidance for overcoming potential issues, see what they are

Do You Need More Protein?

If you’re eating less to change your size and shape, you want to shed the fat and keep the lean.

Protein intake is a key factor and studies show protein amounts larger than the recommended dietary allowance benefits those who are cutting calories, here’s the latest

How to Start Exercising

Personal trainer Christina Macdonald says anyone can exercise, whatever your age or fitness level when you start. Here’s her advice and answers for those thinking about making a start

Mediterranean Plan for Younger and Slimmer

While holidays in the Med are off the cards for many of us, we can still enjoy the wonderful food. (And the well-researched youth promoting properties.)

Our Med plan includes all the fab foods that are so good for you, plus it's designed to be low in calories, so you get the best of both worlds, get the plan


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