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Hi Kuka,

Coming into a new year the opportunity for re-inventing ourselves is enticing – whether it be taking part in Veganuary or taking steps to be slim for summer.

Whatever your new year goals, I wish you luck with them and hope you find something to help and inspire you in 2021’s first newsletter …

Double Success in Lockdown

For couple Julia and Simon, health was the main motivator to get their weight down.

They lost over 7 stone between them during 2020’s restrictions, which Julia believes is the reason they both only suffered mild symptoms when they got Covid-19 in November.

Julia’s Story

Simon’s Story

Veganuary Ideas

If you’ve joined the vegan challenge for this January, here’s some ideas for great tasting meals that won’t break the calorie bank …

This low-calorie vegan plan gives you all the essential nutrients using products that you can get from the supermarket:

7 Day Vegan Meal Plan

Delicious vegan recipes - all simple and easy to make with full nutritional information:

Low Calorie Vegan Recipes

How to Go to the Gym in your Living Room

Personal trainer Christina Neal’s circuit gives you a total body workout for strength and burn you can do at home, get the workout

Get Slim to Stay Slim …

… is the theme for 2021’s New Year Challenge because it’s based on building habits proven to work for doing just that.

If you’re serious about reaching your goal this year and want to do it in a fun way, this challenge could make all the difference


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Happy New Year!

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