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Google Cloud Newsletter, July 2017. Cloud trends, resources, and platform news.
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Java 8
Java 8 standard on App Engine.
Kubernetes 1.7
Kubernetes 1.7 on GKE.
Virtual Private Cloud offers a privately administered space within GCP, providing the flexibility to scale and control how workloads connect regionally and globally.
With the ability to quickly move up to 480 TB of data to GCP, Google Transfer Appliance lets you run massive machine learning and data analytics workloads.
Enterprise customers can now use a single control plane to extend on-premises data center workloads into the cloud to manage hybrid operations.
The London (europe-west2) region is now live. GCP customers throughout the British Isles and Western Europe can expect 40%–82% reductions in round-trip latency when serving customers from London.
Yes, the Not Hotdog app from Silicon Valley uses TensorFlow.
The app's creator, Tim Anglade, shows you how to build your own and how MobileNets defined its architecture.
Build a connected vehicle app with Cloud IoT Core.
Connected cars can create up to 560 GB of data per vehicle—per day. A perfect use case for Cloud IoT Core.
"GCP & Partnering on Open Source" web series showcases innovators.
See how innovators like Pivotal and Ansible use open-source solutions to supercharge their services on GCP.
Map Amazon Web Services (AWS) to GCP.
Transfer what you know about AWS to GCP offerings. And you can do the same for Azure.
Manage access to third-party apps with new G Suite security controls.
Improve data access control and prevent phishing with new OAuth apps whitelisting.
Google Cloud OnAir Webinars
Connect live with Google Cloud product managers and engineers as they tackle the latest cloud topics.
This is awesome news @googlecloud. So I can have a mix of microservices. Python 2.7+Java 8 on App Engine standard.
used @kubernetesio with @googlecloud today after being @awscloud user. convinced that @googlecloud will win cloud wars long run + k8s is <3