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June 16, 2020


Elijah List - 528 Ellsworth St SW, Albany OR, 97321

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Severe COVID-19 | Gut bacteria and blood vessels | Hairy skin

Cancer drug may reduce symptoms of severe COVID-19; gut bacteria and abnormal blood vessel formation; hairy human skin from stem cells

June 16, 2020 Edition

COVID-19 is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation, and we at NIH are doing everything we can toward the development of diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines. You can find the latest public health information from CDC at and the latest research information from NIH at Meanwhile, science continues to progress on many other fronts, and we will continue to try to bring you stories across a wide range of topics.

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Cancer drug may reduce symptoms of severe COVID-19

In patients with COVID-19, off-label use of a cancer drug reduced respiratory distress and over-reactive immune responses. The results were used to inform the design of a clinical trial

Brain scan

Gut bacteria may contribute to abnormal blood vessel formation

People with abnormal clusters of blood vessels in the brain called cavernous angiomas had differences in their gut bacteria. The findings could help lead to new diagnostic tests and treatments.

Skin with hairs

Hairy human skin generated from stem cells

Researchers created hair-growing skin from human stem cells and successfully grafted it to mice.

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Marc Brisebois: A New Spiritual Birthing - God Is Retooling His Church

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June 16, 2020

"A New Spiritual Birthing! God Is Retooling His Church"

Marc Brisebois, Spruce Grove, AB Canada

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzYes, the Church and everything around us has been doubt about it!

So what is God changing about His Church Body?

Marc Brisebois writes a very insightful word about God "retooling" His Church right now and what that looks like.

As you read through this, allow God to recalibrate you as you seek His face in a fresh way. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"A New Spiritual Birthing! God Is Retooling His Church"

Marc Brisebois, Spruce Grove, AB Canada

The Promise of a Church Able to Storm the Gates of Hell

God is retooling the Church for His original intent. By design we are meant to conquer darkness and pillage the very gates of Hell. As such, we are being prepared to reveal righteousness that the gates cannot withstand (Matthew 16:18). We can resist, but for this purpose we were born!

A Prophetic Picture

It seems the people God has chosen sometimes struggle with reluctance. In particular, we have been unwilling to go to war, being otherwise preoccupied. In answer to that, the Spirit of God is planning a surprise retooling for us. He has an intent He is unwilling to abandon, which He recently reiterated to me. The hope it generated was exhilarating!

It came as a prophetic picture. The Holy Spirit pointed to circumstances under which the United States entered World War 2. Of particular interest is the way they struggled with reluctance.

In reality the whole world was still reeling from World War 1 and Americans were focused on rebuilding. Distracted with life and the pursuit of happiness, political voices dithered, knowing the people were not ready. The War to End All Wars (WW1) had exhausted the nation, and they all hoped this might be a minor regional skirmish.

Their hopes of obtaining a more carefree existence, coupled with the amazing surge of domestic conveniences, provided an outlet of escape. All of which, muffled the alarming sounds coming from Europe. They desperately hoped the dangers of a Nazi Germany were overstated. Sadly, these were not false alarms and the reality of world war was imminent. The priorities of domestic bliss would quickly fall aside when they were pushed into war by a poorly calculated Japanese presumption! (Photo via

Industrial Retooling

What followed gave the world an opportunity to witness an epic transformation. A sleeping giant awoke and it was only a matter of time before her enemies realized their mistake. The industrial might of the United States of America turned the entirety of its strength into this battle. Every resource available was aligned to the war effort as the collective conscience of the nation affirmed. In light of reality the priority was now clear... (continue reading)

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Converse Milton Martinez en exclusivité :

Converse s'est fendu d'un colorway sur la CTAS Pro Hi au nom du SOTY (Skater Of The Year) 2019 Milton Martinez. La paire est en exclusivité à Nozbone pour la France,
Large Choix de trucks Film en stock:
Toutes les nouveaut√©s Film Trucks sont en stock en boutique ainsi bien s√Ľr que les classique en Raw, Hollow ou inverted Kingpin.
Avec toujours les prix abordables qui caractérisent la maque, de 19 à 24 euros le truck selon le modèle.


Antiz de retour au shop  :

Les lyonnais sont de retour en boutique, les fameuses boards seront à nouveau disponibles dès demain au shop.
Les boards team sont à 55 euros grippées et les pro à 65 euros grippées.
Welcome back Antiz.

Full Restock Converse en Black White :

Les classiques de chez Converse sont de retour en black white.
Les CTAS Pro Hi et OX, les One Star et autres Lopez Pro sont à nouveau disponibles.

Large Choix de Hardgoods √† nouveau en stock  :

Nous avons un grand choix de boards, trucks et roues de retour en boutique avec notamment les dernières nouveautés Baker, Deathwish, 5 Boro etc.

Nouvelles Conditions d'accueil. :

La boutique a rouvert ses portes depuis le 11 mai dernier.
Bien entendu nous respectons les mesures sanitaires afin d'éviter la propagation du virus, nous portons des masques pour vous accueillir et désinfectons régulièrement les points contact.
Nous vous demandons également de vous nettoyer les mains systématiquement en entrant dans la boutique et le port du masque est fortement recommandé.
Et pour vous protéger élégamment, nous ne pouvons évidemment que vous conseiller la collection de masque Nozbone ;-)


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