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Simple bathroom habit deadlier than cigarettes

P A I D    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Dear Reader,

You brush your teeth... You wash your face...

And then you do THIS.

Could this simple bathroom habit increase your risk of a sudden, early death by 530%?

That's exactly what the FDA is now being forced to admit.

"It's as risky as smoking cigarettes," one study revealed.

And it's nearly as addictive.

The worst part, though, is that you're doing this 1 thing every single night. It's part of your pre-bed routine... yet, it's killing you slowly and silently.

So what is this deadly bathroom habit?

And what can you do to fix it?

Click here and watch this short video to find out.


Kelly O'Donnell
Health Sciences Institute

P.S. Studies show that even if you do THIS just 18 times a year -- so, once every few weeks -- your risk of a sudden, early death shoots up 360%. Meaning you'd leave your spouse, kids, and grandkids... without even a chance to say goodbye. To find out just what this deadly habit is, and how to protect yourself today, click here now.




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Upgrade to high speed Internet

P A I D    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

Breaking news on the benefits of high speed internet! Learn more.
High Speed Internet Options
more on High Speed Internet
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A healthy BLAST of 66 superfoods in your system (in 3 seconds?!)

P A I D    A D V E R T I S E M E N T

One Ounce Wonder
Tired of feeling like your energy is running out?

Aches and pains stopping you from doing what you want to do...

Your immune system just can't do its job anymore...

And you're constantly worrying and stressed about things you never used to.

Look, it's time for you to let go, reverse, and regain EVERYTHING you've lost...
See for Yourself Right Here >>

You're just NOT being told of the 'ultimate' superfood combination that reverses your age and energy by DECADES.

Here's what our customers are saying...

"I had blood work done shortly before consuming it and again after 2 months...

My sugar levels were down (a1c went from 9.9 to 6.9), cholesterol and triglycerides were down and my blood pressure was better as well.

Cravings for late night snacks went away and I lost 20 pounds."

- Terry Moore

"I've grown weary of taking 6-10 pills over the course of a day, especially because I know that such a low percentage of the supplement is absorbed into my system when taken in pill form.

Since changing to this, I can really feel the difference. I get deeper, more restful sleep. I am more alert during the day than ever before.

Previous bone and joint injuries that used to bother me consistently (both at rest and during exercise), have subsided dramatically."

- J. Thompkins

"When my 25 year old son was diagnosed with testicular cancer, my first thought was NUTRITION. Then we found out that surgery had not captured all of this particularly aggressive "Germ Cell" type of cancer and it had spread to four lymph nodes in his back. I went into WARRIOR mode and during his equally aggressive chemotherapy, I did a massive amount of research on vitamins and supplements.

My son had a 3 month regimen of chemo treatments and one of each 3 week sessions was a particularly harsh and damaging chemo. We ended up rushing him to the E.R. 3 times and he ended up with about 10 blood clots in his lungs. They withdrew the last 2 weeks of chemo because his body was shutting down. But now for the good news. When he came home to start the recovery process, I immediately started administering the Daily Boost liquid multivitamin.

He is now cancer free, has energy to spare, has his gorgeous thick, dark hair back, and is celebrating life to its fullest. His daughter, who will be two in February, 2016 has her daddy back too.

Can you just imagine how HUGE our "Grateful" list is this Thanksgiving!!! I am grateful to God, all of the doctors, nurses, the support and prayers of friends and relatives, and I am grateful for people who strive to produce products that so greatly help our bodies heal."

Thank you for playing such an important role in my son's recovery from cancer and the effects of chemo. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone !!!! Our family wishes you a healthy and peaceful 2016."

- kdangel713
When you consume this SUPERB combination of superfoods, your body can NO LONGER be inflamed.

So you won't be fatigued half-way through your day... and start to reverse all those health problems, while regaining incredible energy:

>> CLICK HERE to Discover More About This Wonder Food...

See for Yourself Right Here >>

Oh and say goodbye to having to take a bunch of pills everyday, saving you the headache and TONS of money.

To your health,
Franklin VanOs
Author of Give Me Nutrition or Give Me Death

P.S. This is the video Big Pharma doesn't want you to see.

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Your Horoscope for Friday, December 09

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Horoscope: astrology | new age | daily readings | more from the heavens | quizzes
Daily Outlook
Friday, December 9, 2016

It is a positive period for opportunities when the Sun sextiles Jupiter. Network and nurture connect friendships and make some of your own luck. Tonight, sincere and very sweet compliments flourish for you to both give and receive. You'll like it, too, singles, so be in the mood for charm.

Read More

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This Week's Featured Article
Sleep Easy with Feng Shui
Sleep Easy with Feng Shui
Life will be a dream when you follow these effective feng shui tips for better sleep. With these simple steps you won't lose any sleep. In fact, you'll be able to put sleep issues to rest for good.

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