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PACCBET New Drop in store:

The Last PaccBet (Rassvet) drop is in store.
We just received the last drop included all the decks and especially the new pro models.
Very inspired and fresh stuff made out of pretty high end materials in Italy, Turkey or in USA (decks)


Girl & Chocolate :

We just received some new decks from Girl and Chocolate Skateboards, don't miss them !

The National Skateboard Co. is Back :

It's an english come back at the shop, we are happy to welcome back some of these last National skateboard Co. decks.

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WLR: Brand New Countdown to 21 Challenge - Now Open


Hi Kuka,

At last, a brand new challenge. Sorry it's a bit late, but this year has been so ...! (I'll leave you to fill in your own blank.)

In any case, new circumstances need new ideas ...

So I hope you like the new Countdown to 21 Challenge with its daily focus and collecting theme.

You may even find yourself becoming a little obsessed with collecting stamps, but you'll be happily moving towards your goal weight.

WLR challenges are mostly designed to help you keep 'on it'. An immense factor for meaningful success.

Our motto for this challenge is:

Leave Unwanted Pounds in 2020 … Take a Lighter Step into 2021

Remember you can take a free trial to give it a go, join in and have some fun!


I'd love you to hear your comments on the challenge, please reply if you have any thoughts. And of course we're here if you have any questions or need some help. You can get in touch by phone or email - we'll always reply.

Best wishes,

Weight Loss Resources Ltd.
01733 345592


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