2017 Corporate Governance Conference & Effective Boards & Board Processes Workshop



               2017 Corporate Governance  Conference & Effective Boards &

                                      Board Processes Workshop
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                                                Bussynet Advanced Trading.

                                Seating is limited and is by invitation only, so book early and get a free 7inch Samsung Tablet .

Dates: 14th  – 17th  March 2017, Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg
 South Africa.                  

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Kindly find attached information on 2016 Corporate Governance and Effective Boards & Board Processes Workshop. This highly developed conference will be hosted by Bussynet Advanced Trading at the Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa from the 14th 17th March 2017. This program is fully packed with highly qualified and experienced speakers. The gathering aims to educate, inform and motivate all attendees. The event offers participants unmatched expertise, superior connections, deep analysis and fresh perspectives on key trends and challenges in Corporate Governance.


·         Explore the concept and business case of corporate governance, the King III report and insights into King IV and key similarities and differences to King III.

·         Review recommendations for board charters, committee terms of reference, delegation of authority, and assessments of the effectiveness of the board, the individual directors and its committees.

·         Explore the rules and principles of governance and ethics in complex ethical situations  based on a number of factors.

·         Evaluate Corporate Governance in State Owned Enterprises: Politics, Tenders and the collapse of governance

·         Understand Cyber Compliance: The Board in Cyber- Ethics Cyber threats from a compliance perspective

·         How to drive organizational performance, how to coach and what level of acumen is required to be effective chairs, CEO, Board members of the Executive

·         Effective corporate role in combating corruption

·         Strategies for aligning Rewards and Remuneration of Executives and the board from private and public sectors

·         Integrated Reporting & Integrated Thinking: A Global movement

·         Gain insight on Governance & Financial Crisis in Africa

·         At this conference, we will be sharing ideas on stakeholders, ethical competence and dealing with compliance dilemmas in a way that balances rules and principles.

·         The gathering will provide a forum in which delegates can interact and network, with the topic areas being at the forefront of corporate governance developments in an international context.

·         Receive actionable strategies directly from corporate leaders dealing with most critical governance compliance and risk issues

·         Gain meaningful connections with industry leaders

·         Full Day Effective Boards & Board Processes Workshop


Ø  Chief Executive Officers

Ø  Managing Directors

Ø  Board Members

Ø  Company Secretaries

Ø  Corporate Affairs Directors and Managers

Ø  Permanent Secretaries

Ø  Municipal managers

Ø  Finance Directors, Accountants

Ø  Corporate Communications Directors, Managers and Staff.

Ø  Marketing Directors, Managers and Staff.

Ø  HR Directors, Managers and Staff.

Ø  Public Relations Directors, Managers and Staff.

Ø  Corporate Social Responsibility Directors, Managers and Staff.

Ø  Legal Compliance/ Ethics Managers, Directors and Staff

Ø  Investment Managers, Directors and Staff.

Ø  Directors and Senior Management (Legal and Compliance).

Ø  Senior Business Executives in the Governance, Risk and

Ø  Compliance portfolios.

Ø  Corporate Managers, Directors and Staff.

Ø  Company Secretaries.

Ø  Administrators.

Bookings and Registration :

To register, kindly complete the registration form (attached) and email to: info@bussynetgroup.co.za


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