An Ancient Remedy for Today's Health

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It all started with a prophetic vision...
"I had a vision. In the vision I saw many bottles in their medicine cabinet... I looked to the very back and there was a little bottle. I told them that is the bottle you want to really major on, because this is what has the health in it."
- Bob Jones
This vision is what Bob Jones prophesied over our founder a few years ago. Little did we know that little bottle in his vision would manifest into Hyssop Health Therapy.

What would happen if you gave yourself the opportunity to feel what our community has already experienced?

Containing 49 phytoelements, Hyssop Health's main ingredient, origanum vulgare (Biblical hyssop), permeates through 9 areas of the body.
Hyssop Health contains:
  • 41 antibacterial elements
  • 26 antiviral elements
  • 31 anti-inflammatory elements
  • 26 antifungal elements
  • 6 antiparasitic elements
For a limited time, Hyssop Health wants to give you the opportunity to experience what our community is talking about.
Purchase Hyssop Health at 15% OFF and receive FREE SHIPPING!
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Use coupon code ELIJAH419
to receive FREE Shipping
Offer valid through April 30, 2019
Only while supplies last.

We want you to experience what others are talking about...
"As our outreach has increased, so too has the fellowship in our community in sharing their results and experiences with Hyssop Health. It's no longer a vision, it is now a reality: "It seems to help everything... it has healed a badly scraped knee to heat rash! I know the value that it had in the Biblical days for purification purposes. I am so glad that it is available today... God says that He is the same yesterday, today and forever!"
- Wanda Davis,
White Dove Ministries

"I had heard from friends about the Hyssop Health Therapy and how it helped their kids. So I had her start spraying the Hyssop Health Therapy in her mouth about every four hours and within two days she was completely well!"
- S. Bell
"At the Christian women's conference, in Orlando, with all the praising God, yelling out His name, singing... my throat was rough and a little sore, but as soon as I used the spray on my throat a few times it was gone and I was good as new."
- Diana Hahlbohm
Hyssop Health
a division of Dermazone Solutions
2440 30th Avenue North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713
For more detailed information
regarding Hyssop Health
product usage, visit
To order visit:
1.800.253.5115 X 204
for questions or international orders

**Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the Celazome Skin site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

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April 5, 2019

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