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Help Us Bring 'Unplanned' to 1200 College Campuses

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300 showings of the Pro-Life film 'Unplanned' have been funded!

We're 30% of the way there... 

If you believe that Life Matters, join us by sowing a seed into the first Life Matters project - Bringing the film Unplanned to 1,200 college and university campuses across the US!
How can I partner with Life Matters?

Option #1 

Pray for the students who will watch the film

Option #2
Sponsor one seat in the theatre for $9

Option #3
Sponsor a row in the theatre for $90

Option #4
Sponsor an entire showing for $1800 

Option #5
Sponsor the rest of the project for $1.62M

*** There are still 900 showings that need to be funded ***
Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Life Matters updates, Unplanned movie exclusives, and more!

And tune-in to GOD TV for special Pro-Life programming.
Download the FREE app to watch GOD TV anywhere, anytime!
For More Information:


(888) 463-1365


November 10, 2019



Elijah List - 528 Ellsworth St SW, Albany OR, 97321

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Are People Prophesying Too Much? No, We Need MORE Prophets!

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With Thousands of Newly-Released
Prophets, are Modern-Day Prophets
Watering Down Today's Revelation?


     On one of our ELIJAH STREAMS TV shows last week, I was mentioning how in the very early days of the prophetic movement in the USA, beginning about 1988, prophets were so "new" on the scene, that they became, in effect, FAMOUS! When I would go to different churches to speak, children and adults would often ask for my autograph, either on a piece of paper, or in their Bibles.

     Now, more than 30 years later, it's good that a lot of that "celebrity" treatment is gone. There are literally, many hundreds of new prophetic sites on Facebook and on the Web and many more popping up every day.

     Little did we all know! When God decided it was time for the prophetic movement to be launched, I envisioned observing the Church going from maybe 10 really famous prophets in that time, and I felt we might grow to a few dozen really well-known prophets.
James Goll 
     But now, there are dozens upon dozens of prophets already, and hundreds and hundreds more, quickly coming "online" every single day. And rather than watering down the prophetic movement, they are filling in the holes with awesome prophetic revelation where revelation has been desperately needed.

     Gone are the days where an individual was unable to find a prophet to talk to. They are EVERYWHERE. And they are becoming more and more trained, more and more gifted, and more and more anointed than ever before.

     This is where ELIJAH STREAMS comes in. Our task is to get to know as many of these prophets as humanly possible, and to get them on ELIJAH STREAMS TV so you can learn what God is saying today through the most significant emerging prophets.

     The problem today is that among the hundreds of new prophets, some are not trained yet, or they are less than accurate so far. Others are working through character issues, and still others are trying to clean up some messes in their life before God can fully release them.

     With that in mind, we, at ELIJAH STREAMS (a division of Elijah List Ministries), are really quite good at finding the best among the best prophets: be they young men, young women and even in a few instances, young children. Beyond that, those considered by many to be older or even retirement age, are also now emerging as freshly released prophets of God!
Jesse and Amy Shamp 
Demontae Edmonds 

     What a fun time to be alive! It's an exhilarating time to hear from God's prophets in what God is saying to the Earth at any given time.

     It is humbling to me and to our team that God would entrust this ministry to us and we take HIS TRUST very, VERY seriously.

     Today as we come into year-end giving, may Derene and I ask you to look at your household budget for 2019 and 2020 and make your best year-end gift? We'll use our skill and anointings to find you the very best seasoned and newly emerging prophets if you will help us stay on the air by partnering with ELIJAH STREAMS.

     Air time is very expensive and so is the taping of each new show. Right now we are celebrating having recorded approximately 50 already-completed ELIJAH STREAMS TV programs with God's prophets.

     Will you help us today and well into 2020 to stay on the air with interviews of God's prophets? Click here to donate, and may we ask if some of you may even be able to commit to monthly giving this year?

     We love you all! Elijah List Ministries only exists because of your generous giving! Happy 2020!!

His Warmest Regards,

Steve and Derene Shultz
528 Ellsworth St SW Albany, OR 97321

P.S. Some prefer to give by check through the mail. Send a check for any amount to partner with God and with ELIJAH STREAMS; the address is below. God will reward you openly for helping HIS prophets... He's promised it already!
Click here to donate by Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, or e-Check
To donate by Check
(US Dollar Only),
make your check payable to:


Or Call:
(541) 967-3665


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November 10, 2019

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