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     In its first year, they've helped 257,000 people struggling with period poverty. The mom and daughter duo behind the SPOT Period have expanded to help

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     An expert group convened by the World Health Organization said it "strongly supports urgent and broad access" to booster doses of COVID-19 vaccine amid the global spread of...

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     David Bennett Sr., who had terminal heart disease and became the first person to receive a genetically modified pig heart, lived for 2 months following the transplant.

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     The program designed to keep Chinese researchers from obtaining U.S. national security secrets was chilling critical research and targeting Asian professors, critics say.

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     Experts say mandibular advancement devices (MADs) have been shown to work as well as CPAP for many patients with sleep apnea.

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     Experts warn against the feeling that if you have not had it, you are unlikely to get it. Genetic factors are emerging that may help predict who may be at highest risk for infection and severe disease.

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     School mask mandates helped to protect children and teachers from the coronavirus last fall, according to a new study released by the CDC.

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     End-of-life doulas, or "death doulas," help people nearing death prepare emotionally and spiritually.

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Last week, I told you how to embrace the cold—how to make the most of an uncomfortable ambient temperature. Today, I'm giving you some ideas on how to embrace the other uncomfortable ambient temperature: heat. What can you do to make the most of hot weather? How do you handle heat? How can you make something objectively unpleasant—and even dangerous—beneficial, pleasant, and enjoyable? Because you shouldn't just give in and turn on the AC and forget about doing anything. You shouldn't run away from the heat. You should be able to face it head on and make friends with the heat, not enemies. How to Embrace the Heat Wake up early. Get up early, earlier than usual go outside, and get as much intellectual work done as you can before the heat ramps up. Lee Kuan Yew, the founder of Singapore, often said that air conditioning was the single biggest factor in his country's rise to prominence. Once AC was installed in the cities, his people finally had relief from the oppressive tropical heat and could do real intellectual work. The same is true for the individual. Heat makes thinking, writing, and creating harder. Early morning before the sun starts hitting hard is the best time to get creative, intellectual work done. Or any work, really—yard work, labor, etc. Get up before the sun starts asserting itself. Another advantage of doing this is that the early morning natural light will entrain your circadian rhythm so you can get to bed earlier and fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Sit with the heat. Don't reach for the AC right away. Take some clothes off and just sit with the heat and the sweat and the misery. Let it envelop you and know that you will be fine. You're going to survive, it's not that bad, you're simply going to be uncomfortable. Accept the fact that you're going to feel the heat and know that you, as a human, have a long history of handling extreme temperatures—both cold and hot. It's what you're built to do. You got this. You must accept the heat. You can't change it. It's here, you're in it, and you are going to deal with it. Consume electrolytes. It's not enough to simply drink water in hot weather. Drink water, of course, but doing that without heeding the importance of electrolytes—sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium being the foremost ones to worry about—will have you urinating out most of the water you consume without actually absorbing much of it. So what does this mean? For most people in most situations, sprinkling salt in all your water is adequate. (A squirt of lemon will make it more palatable.) Getting enough sodium will help you retain the other electrolytes. If you're really going to be exerting yourself in the heat, then go with a legitimate electrolyte supplement like LMNT or my tried and true homemade electrolyte drink: coconut water, salt, blackstrap molasses, and lemon or lime juice. Read my … Continue reading "Embracing the Heat"

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