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Hi Kuka,

January is time for starting (gently, in my opinion) on renewal for the year ahead. Here’s some fuel for your fire if your intention is to shed a few pounds, or stones, this year.

Lose a Stone for Spring

Lose a Stone is a back-to-basics challenge to drop a stone at maximum efficiency, in time for Spring. Use the calculator to find out how soon you could lose a stone, find out more

Slimming Comfort Food

You don't have to go hungry, cold or tasteless, just because you're trying to be good about what you eat. These 7 winter warmers are all delicious, filling and low calorie - get the recipes

How Long Will It Take?

It's a question we get asked a lot at this time of year. Once we decide on a slimmer, healthier body, human nature inclines us to want it now!

To help you answer this question for yourself, here's some real-life weight progress charts

Plant-based Eating Ramps Up Metabolism

According to a new study, plant-based eating increased after-meal calorie burn by 18.7% after 16 weeks, find out more

If you're thinking about moving towards more plant based foods, check out our Plant-based Plan

New Kick Start Packs

Have a peek at the useful new stuff we have for 2021, take a look


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Happy New Year!

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SAIMM Hybrid Conferences 2021: Renewable Solutions for an Energy Intensive Industry

Abstract Submission Extension

Happy New Year! We have made it through what was a very tough year. 

With all the changes that we have gone through we have ensured that we cater to everyone's needs with our hybrid conference. 

Whether you want to network face to face and meet up with colleagues and friends in the industry that you haven't seen in a while or if you prefer to sit behind your screen and join us remotely - these are the options we have made available to you. 👍


There is no reason for you not to participate in our conference.