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cannabidiol for epilepsy
Daily update April 21, 2021
seizure. If you suspect your dog has ingested THC or consumed too much CBD, visit an emergency vet.
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TSC causes epilepsy in up to 85% of patients, and up to 60% of those ... This approval, which represents the third indication for GW's cannabidiol in ...
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... a range of conditions including neuropathic pain and epilepsy. However, the science behind the medical properties of cannabis is in fact much more ...
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In terms of studying CBD's effect on canine seizures, Colorado State University's College of Veterinary Medicine has been leading the way, running ...
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"Global Pet Cbd(Cannabidiol) Market Research Report 2021"This research ... Pet Cbd(Cannabidiol) Market is showing steady growth and CAGR is ... grade/Treats/Chews, By Application, Joint Pain/Anxiety/Stress/Epilepsy/General
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SAIMM: Journal Volume 121, No. 03, March 2021


SAIMM: Journal Volume 121, No. 03, March 2021 



Clustering-based iterative approach to stope layout optimization for sublevel stoping
By Y.A. Sari and M. Kumral 

Stope layout optimization aims to identify a portion of the orebody in the form of production volumes to maximize profit under roadway and stope dimension constraints. We propose a novel approach based on identifying ore-rich regions
of the deposit and prioritizing their extraction through iterative heuristic clustering.
The proposed approach was compared with and validated by an exact method
through a small mining example. The heuristics produced nearly identical results in
a short time. A case study was carried out using a larger data-set. This approach
generates near-optimal stope layouts in a computationally effective manner.


Prediction of rock fragmentation using the Kuznetsov-Cunningham-Ouchterlony model
By K. Mutinda, B.O. Alunda, D.K. Maina, and R.M. Kasomo

The advancements on empirical models for predicting and investigating the consequences of blasting are examined and the improvements achieved to date are explored, with special emphasis on the most recent Kuznetsov-Cunningham-Ouchterlony (KCO) model. The results indicate that the KCO model remains useful for predicting the blast fragmentation in limestone mine sites, despite the availability of other advanced prediction models.

Evaluation of polymer binders in briquetting of coal fines for combustion applications 
By D.L. Botha, N.T. Leokaoke, J. R. Bunt, and H.W.J.P. Neomagus

Coal briquetting traditionally makes use of high-dosage, nonpolymeric binders. A novel polyacrylic binder was developed that could possibly be added in low dosages at room temperature.  Binder-bound briquettes were compared to binderless briquettes and polyvinyl alcohol- (PVA)-bound briquettes. Briquettes made with the polyacrylic formulation yielded uniaxial compressive strengths double that of the binderless briquette. The organic binders did not affect the combustion of the briquettes. The polyacrylic formulation can be considered to be a possible substitute for PVA when the briquettes are compared mechanically, thermally, and in terms of raw material cost.

Supplementary Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Reports: Readability and textual choice
By E. Du Toit and P.W.J. Delport 

This exploratory study investigates the readability and textual choice of supplementary Mineral Resources and Mineral Reserves Reports of companies listed on the  Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The results indicate that narrative manipulation occurs through word choices that make the reports difficult to read and may manipulate impressions. The findings will useful to various stakeholders who use these reports to make important decisions. Bodies such as the JSE and the SAMREC and SAMVAL Code committees should consider adding a plain language requirement to regulations, guidelines, and codes to ensure transparent, unbiased, and objective reports.

Copper slag as a potential source of critical elements - A case study from Tsumeb, Namibia 
By S. Lohmeier, B.G. Lottermoser, T. Schirmer, and D. Gallhofe

This paper reports on the chemical composition, in particular the critical element content, of granulated slag originating from historical smelting technologies in the Tsumeb area, Namibia.  Laboratory-based analyses demonstrate that the slags are on average enriched in base metals, trace metals, and metalloids as well as critical elements. This work demonstrates that portable X-ray fluorescence (pXRF) analysers are a particularly valuable tool to screen smelting slags for their chemical composition and to predict the likely contents of critical elements


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SAIMM: Journal Volume 121, No. 03, March 2021


Dear SAIMM members and subscribers,

Attached, is the March 2021 Journal.
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