167 Times Bigger Than Bitcoin?

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Dear Reader,
For example, you've probably never heard of Decred coins.
They are designed to make it easier to invest in and use digital currencies.
Just before the start of 2017, they cost $0.42 each.
In one year, they rose to $97.
That's a 22,995% return in twelve months.
Or look at MaxCoin.
In February, you could have received more than 31,000 MaxCoins for just one single $10 bill.
Four months later, it was trading more than 600 times higher.
Your $10 would have grown to $6,055.
DubaiCoin is even more remarkable.
Since it launched... prices have increased an exceptional 823,850%.
Again, a $10 bill handed out $82K in profits!
But here's the thing...
Our resident digital currency expert, Adam Sharp, says a major change in December is going to launch even bigger profits.
Adam is somebody you should definitely listen to when it comes to digital currencies.
He got in on Ethereum at less than $10... before it launched to more than $700.
He landed a lesser-known digital currency, Antshares, at $1.50... before it peaked at $47.
And he even got in on another one at $0.185...
Before it leapt to $6.
The guy is making a killing.
And he says, with the upcoming change in December, just one single $10 bill could make you rich.
Andy Gordon
Founder, Early Investing 
P.S. Bitcoin itself could deliver unthinkable profits as well. Details here.

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October 26, 2018

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