WLR Newsletter: Easy Way to Lower Cals | 21 Inner-Smile Moments | Problem with Bread?


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It’s not surprising that there’s a massive focus on health everywhere we look and listen right now - and our weight is getting a big share of the attention.

We all know that shedding excess pounds is good for our health, but there are lots of other inner-smile moments to be had as well. Here’s 21 you may not have thought of

Go Mediterranean - the Easy Way to Lower Cals

This study throws some light on why eating Med style is such a good strategy for shedding pounds, get the results

If you're not sure where to get started with Mediterranean food take a look at wlr's New Mediterranean Plan

Combining Exercise Preserves Muscle

This research showing that muscle mass can be increased, even in older people, with combined aerobic and resistance exercise is good news, find out more

What’s the Problem with Bread?

Do you really need to avoid bread if you want to take care of your weight and health?

We take a look at the evidence along with some myth-busting and fact-checking to sort the wheat from the chaff, get the verdict


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