Increase Youth Hormones by 682% - Grow Younger in 120 Minutes

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Can You Really Increase Your Body's
"Youth Hormones" by 682%—and Start
Growing Younger in as Little as 120 Minutes?

recent groundbreaking study has shown that when you take a specialized amino-acid blend (combined together in specific milligrams per amino acid), you increase your body's production of HGH by an astounding 682%!  That's the HGH level you had when you were much younger.

     Since human growth hormones (HGH) are referred to by many scientists as your body's "youth hormone," the ability to naturally increase your HGH levels by more than 6 times is extraordinarily exciting.

     An internet search will show at least one scientific study that validates these findings.  One randomized cross-over, placebo controlled, double-blind study testing this specialized amino-acid blend on subjects 18 to 70 years of age, showed that the orally administered amino-acid blend significantly increased bioactive, serum (blood) HGH levels

     Increased HGH levels were observed within 120 minutes (2 hours) in subjects who received a single low-dose of this specialized amino-acid blend!

Your "Youth Hormones" Start Going Downhill at Age 25!

     When we're young, our body manufactures HGH in abundance.  The HGH is released into the bloodstream and travels throughout the body.  Along the way, it speeds up the body's metabolism and causes fat cells to shrink.  As HGH enters your muscle cells, it stimulates lean muscle growth.  This is why young people tend to accumulate less fat than older people—and tend to look more toned, even if they haven't been working out.

     When HGH reaches the skin, it increases collagen production, maintains healthy blood flow, and strengthens the underlying substructure of the skin ... thereby keeping the skin supple, resilient, smooth and taut. 

     HGH has been shown to erase  wrinkles ... tighten saggy skin ... reduce body fat ... increase lean muscle mass ... boost energy ... elevate mood ... and even heighten sex drive.

     This is why some doctors regard HGH as the body's own internal "fountain of youth."

     When you reach the age of 25, HGH production goes down—and by the time you reach middle age, HGH production will have decreased by 85%!  This HGH depletion is one of the major factors of aging.  That's why HGH injections (which cost $1,500 per injection) have become the latest anti-aging trend.  But only wealthy people can afford them.

     It's a well known fact that the more HGH our bodies produce, the younger we look and feel.  Increased levels of HGH contribute to rejuvenation and anti-aging, and you can look and feel about 20 years younger.  

Why Pay for Expensive HGH Injections When Your Own Body Can Make Youthful Levels of HGH for Free?

     Most people who spend $1,500 per HGH injection aren't aware that those injections consist of synthetic HGH.  Overdose and prolonged use of synthetic HGH can increase the risk of diabetes, contribute to the growth of cancerous tumors, and cause a variety of health problems such as:  joint pain ... liver damage ... high cholesterol ... hardening of the arteries ... edema ... carpal tunnel syndrome ... and numbness and tingling of the skin.

     In contrast, the scientists at Rodeo Drive Collection included an amino-acid blend in their formulation, which encourages the pituitary gland to produce HGH at more youthful levels.  You body is its own HGH factory!

     This is better than HGH injections or HGH pills because rather than making your body dependent on an outside source of HGH, the specialized amino-acid blend provides a more natural way of nourishing serum (blood) HGH levels in the body—without resorting to expensive injections of synthetic HGH.

     Discover the specialized amino-acid blend that can naturally increase your body's "youth hormones" by 682%.  Imagine ... you could start growing younger in as little as 120 minutes while also reducing body fat and increasing muscle.

     Click here to also find out why scientists at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine observed that lab mice appeared to have "sipped from the fountain of youth"—and exhibited stunning age reversal and 3-fold increase in lifespan.


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