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May 9, 2019

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"Find Out 'Where' the New Sound is Coming From"

May 9, 2019

"A New Sound Coming - From the Underground"
Rene Springer, Madison, WI

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe've received quite a few prophetic words over the years of a new sound coming in music and in worship.

If you've been sensing and hearing the same, you'll really enjoy this word from Rene Springer as she opens with:

My husband (Steven) and me have prophesied many times over the years about a "new sound coming from the underground." What I am discovering, is that this sound is much different than I had once thought. I had thought that the "new sound" would be edgy – musically iconic – but there is so much more!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"A New Sound Coming - From the Underground"
Rene Springer, Madison, WI

My husband (Steven) and me have prophesied many times over the years about a "new sound coming from the underground." What I am discovering, is that this sound is much different than I had once thought. I had thought that the "new sound" would be edgy – musically iconic – but there is so much more! There is a weighty anointing on this sound which comes from "deep crying out to deep" (Ps. 42:7); the deep, underground places in our hearts crying out to the deep desire, compassion and mercy of our heavenly Father.

The Deep Places

In our ministry, like most prophetic communities, Holy Spirit will often have us "live out" a prophetic word, demonstrating what He is saying and releasing on the earth. On August 2017, when our ministry moved into our underground location on State Street near the Capitol in Madison, WI, we began to hear the Lord speak regarding the workings of His Spirit in the underground. He desired for the fire of His love to go deep into our roots and foundations, and the fruit produced would be astonishing and generate rapid multiplication!

We quickly discovered that this would take great courage for us to go to deep places in our own souls as we interceded for the foundation and soul of our nation. We would also discover the need for more grace, for one another and ourselves, as we would be crushed together like grapes being prepared for "new wine."

Our journey has been an invitation to come "deeper still, beloved" (Song of Songs 5:2 TPT). After this season of crushing and going deep, we now sense the time is drawing near in which we, the radiant Bride of Christ, will come up out of the wilderness leaning on our Beloved with fresh vision and joyful strength (SOS 8:5)!

The Drumbeat of Heaven's Heart

At a recent regional worship gathering, we were honored to be joined by Christian brothers of the Ho-Chunk Nation. There was a holy unity and powerful spirit of intercession released. With profound emotion and spiritual significance, John Whitecloud shared about the power of the drum, the sound it releases, and how it is connected to the human heartbeat. He and Sheridan Cloud then presented a beautiful Native American song.

It is significant in this time, when the lives of the unborn are under attack, that God is bringing to the forefront of our worship the sound of the heartbeat – the sound of life. May the hearts of drummers be gripped with the revelation that as they drum, it prophesies LIFE and the very heartbeat of Heaven over our nation!

The New Sound from Underground

As our brother of the Ho-Chunk Nation shared with us, his speech was strained and difficult to understand, but the anointing with which he spoke was so pure and powerful, the depth of his sound resounded in the deep places of my heart. He shared how grateful he was to have survived throat cancer, which was caused by Agent Orange while serving our country in Vietnam. I thought about the injustices his people had suffered. Here before me stood a man who spoke with such forgiveness and life, that it was evident he had gone to deep places with the Lord where few have traveled. With great courage, this man found his way with Jesus to the other side of trials and pain. This holy moment was not edgy or musically iconic, but it carried the weight of the Kingdom.

The new sound from the underground is about worshipers arising in spirit and truth from deep places of pain, testing and trials. King David was one who wrote his real, raw process in the Psalms, and I believe this same anointing will come upon worshipers who will put their journey into all kinds of creative expressions. They will write songs with a cutting-edge sound. They will paint it out, dance it out, share it on social media, in movies or in one-on-one interactions with people. However it is expressed, it will carry the answers the world is looking for.

With so much pain on display in our nation, this new sound of life, joy and hope will be so profound it will break open the hearts of men to encounter our beautiful King. This new sound will send forth seismic waves of love and shake forth revival from the underground! We will see the great harvest come in!

Victory, Hope and Life Are Waiting for You!

Beloved, let the new sound from the underground come forth from you as you take the beautiful, nail-pierced hand of our King and allow Him to walk you through the valley of the shadow of death (pain, trials, and testings). There is a greater resurrection power coming for those who learn to lean on Him and live in radical obedience. There is a wide-open space of victory, hope and life waiting for you! Your testimony is the sound that will shake the ground and set captives free!

Rene Springer, Senior Leader and President
Global Presence Ministries


Steven and Rene Springer are the Founders and Senior Leaders of Global Presence Ministries, headquartered in Madison, WI, with a Transformation Center in Ghana, Africa. The Springers provide apostolic oversight to churches and ministries in the USA and Ghana, which are part of the Global Presence Apostolic Network (GPAN). They are given to the vision of "Bringing God's Presence, Advancing His Kingdom, Transforming Nations." In Madison the Springers host a regional equipping center and a dedicated place of God's presence with prophetic worship, prayer and creative arts. Steven and Rene journey in close community with a family of Believers who pursue God’s presence together. They impart vision for personal and societal transformation as they train and equip people to live 24/7 lifestyles of worship and moving in the power of the Spirit. On an international level, the Springers collaborate with leaders in the government, the marketplace, and the Church to disciple nations.

Rene Springer's Itinerary:

May 24, 2019 @ 7 PM
Regional Worship Night
Global Presence Center
664 State St., Madison, WI 53703

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