Новые знакомства - это всегда интересно ;)

Новые знакомства - это всегда интересно;)
Самое время написать кому-то!
Самое время написать кому-то!
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cannabidiol for epilepsy
Daily update March 14, 2021
Marijuana (medical cannabis) is used to treat nausea, pain, anxiety, MS, insomnia, epilepsy, and other conditions. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and ...
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New GI Food Data | Tummy Bulge Resistant to Every-Other-Day Fasting | Find Your Bar


Hi Kuka,

Working from home gave Rachael a ‘window of opportunity’ to take control of what she was eating and build a walk into her daily routine. Now 3 stone lighter and 4 sizes down, she shares how she did it

Every Other Day Fasting Won’t Budge Tummy Bulge

New research from the University of Sydney found that fat around the stomach goes into ‘preservation mode’ on an every-other-day fasting regimen. Find out more

GI Data available for more foods

Eating low GI helps keep blood sugar levels steady, important for weight, hunger control and for people with insulin related issues. So it’s helpful to see a widening list of foods whose Glycaemic Index is known.

This list will be great for people who enjoy different dishes from around the world and there’s a helpful graphic showing how to lower GI by combining foods, take a look

What’s the Bar for You?

Often used as a nutritious snack by those of us trying to eat healthily and maybe increase our intake of things like fibre and protein, the number of brands and types of cereal bar available has exploded in recent years.

So how do you choose those that fulfil your needs for taste and your nutrition goals?

Our sorted and categorised listing includes 58 popular bars with full nutrition info and review snippets, find your bar

Behind Obesity Headlines

The recently released World Obesity Federation report contained sobering, even shocking, numbers revealing 10-fold differences in death rates from Covid-19 in countries where over half the population has a BMI of over 25.

But why?

Many people feel perfectly healthy even if their weight doesn’t fall into the ‘healthy range’. So what’s going on with our bodies that can have such an effect?

I found a very clear explanation in this 2-minute video from Dr Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent. Here’s a summary and link to the video

Get Started with Small Steps …

… Drop a Jeans Size

This challenge is now open and is a great way to boost your motivation and keep on track. Try the calculator to see when you could Drop a Jeans Size


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