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Hi Kuka,

There’s lots of hype around various easy ways to control weight. You’d be quite right in thinking that many are not worth your time. They talk about things that are painless … no effort needed.

There is a (real) easy way ...

It has a beneficial effect on weight without any other dietary or exercise intervention and it's as simple as taking a step, find out more

‘One-Minute Workout’?

Actually, you need 9 minutes – but you only have to work hard for 1 minute. (And that minute is split into 20 second spurts).

The great thing is that exercising this way 3 times a week, a total of 27 minutes, brings similar health and fitness gains as doing the recommended 150 minutes a week, find out how

Quiz - Are You Ready?

Do you ever wonder why you start on a plan to shed some pounds but end up back at square one a few weeks later? Dietitian Lyndel Costain's quiz provides you with insights that help get your head in the right place to succeed - take the quiz

100 Club

A new message board on wlr - especially for people who have a long way to go to reach their target.

Being able to chat and weigh-in with others who face similar challenges can be helpful. Take a trial to check out the board

How Often Should You Weigh-In?

'Most days' is a good strategy, here's the evidence


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