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SAIMM Journal - December 2015

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SAIMM Journal - December 2015

Journal Comment - 21 years of Chemical Engineering and Metallurgy at Wits
by J.H. Potgieter

President's Corner

by R.T. Jones

Papers - Chemical Engineering & Metallurgy at Wits

Removal of heavy metals using cassava peel waste biomass in a multi-stage countercurrent batch operation
by G.S. Simate, S. Ndlovu, and L. Seepe

Optimization of complex integrated water and membrane network systems
by M. Abass, E. Buabeng-Baidoo, D, Nezungai, N. Mafukidze, and T. Majozi

The impact of coal quality on the efficiency of a spreader stoker boiler
by R.L. Taole, R.M.S. Falcon, and S.O. Bada

Coal quality and uranium distribution in Springbok Flats Coalfield samples
by M. Ndhlalose, N. Malumbazo, and N. Wagner

Synthesis of sodium silicate from South African coal fly ash and its use as an extender in oil well cement applications
by T. Kaduku, M.O. Daramola, F.O. Obazu, and S.E. Iyuke

Mechanical behaviour of pack carburized AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel
by D.E.P. Klenam, C. Polese, L.H. Chown, S. Kwofie, and L.A. Cornish

Making sense of our mining wastes: removal of heavy metals from AMD using sulphidation media derived from waste gypsum
by J. Mulopo

Enhancing study practices: are first-year students 'resistant to change'?
by L. Woollacott, S. Booth, and A. Cameron

Recycling of cemented tungsten carbide mining tool scrap
by C.S. Freemantle and N. Sacks

Titanium carbide–silicon nitride reactions at high temperature
by N. Can and R. Hurman Eric

Polyethersulphone-sodalite (PES-SOD) mixed-matrix membranes: prospects for acid mine drainage (AMD) treatment
by M.O. Daramola, B. Silinda, S. Masondo, and O.O. Oluwasina

Papers of General Interest

The accuracy of calcium-carbonate-based saturation indices in predicting the corrosivity of hot brackish water towards mild steel
by A. Palazzo, J. van der Merwe, and G. Combrink

The effect of sodium carbonate on the dispersion behaviour and froth flotation of a nickel ore
by B. Feng, Q.M. Feng, Y.P. Lu, and H.H. Wang

The influence of water quality on the flotation performance of complex sulphide ores: case study at Hajar Mine, Morocco
by K. Boujounoui, A. Abidi, A. Bacaoui, K.El Amari, and A. Yaacoubi

Development and optimization of mixed sulphide/oxide copper ore treatment at Kansanshi
by F.X. Paquot and C. Ngulube

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Depression can affect children and adolescents of all ages. Young people with depression may show symptoms that seem different from adult symptoms.

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Your Horoscope for Friday, January 22

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Daily Outlook
Friday, January 22, 2016

People are easily persuaded. In fact, you could go back and ask again when retrograde Mercury aspects Pluto. They could say yes like a shot. Tonight's conversations leave things in awkward silences with Venus in last degrees. It could be that nothing more needs to be said.

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