A deeply disturbing trend...

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Hey Friend,

Years ago, while I was running a MEGA business seminar company... I noticed a rather disturbing trend.

At the time I was rubbing shoulders with many of the great leaders and achievers of our day — Billy Graham, Margaret Thatcher, George W. Bush, Michael Phelps, and Rudy Giuliani, to name a few.


And yes, there were certainly exceptions to this trend I noticed...

But I found that, in general, the NON-believers I worked with were better trained... better resourced... and better positioned to be the "influencers" in culture... than the Believers.

And that troubled me!

"Shouldn't the people of God be eagerly climbing these cultural mountains, claiming these positions of influence, and stewarding them for the good of the world?

Shouldn't there be an ABUNDANCE of Christians becoming entrepreneurs... CEOs... coaches... consultants... media hosts... speakers... and authors?

... instead of the SCARCITY of such Christians that I'm seeing?"

After leaving the seminar business, I took some time off to dream and discern, and to seek what God had for me next...

It came to me: a new gust of inspiration... contained in a vision which I still remember vividly.

If I was so convinced that Believers should be the influencers and experts in the world... why not make THAT my mission?

Why not devote myself to reversing the pattern that so concerned me... raising up a generation of mighty Christian leaders... and releasing them to impact culture for the Kingdom?

That was the original vision which launched Kingdom Builders Academy.

And now, after 5 years of training over 100,000 Christian leaders around the world...

This original vision has inspired me to launch a NEW initiative...

EXCEL is a 3-Hour LIVE Global Online Event
(TODAY @ 3:00 PM ET)
With a Bold Purpose:

I intend — by the end of the event — to fully prepare you to make more progress towards achieving your purpose than you've made in ANY previous year.

Some people will enter the event in a state of exhaustion... Worn out and discouraged from the trials and setbacks they've faced.

Others will enter feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement about the new things God has in store.

But everyone will leave with the same thing:

Clarity, confidence, and a proven-plan to conquer your dreams.

The event will be an outpouring of tools, gifts, stories, blueprints, and training like never before.

It will be a day to remember.

But there are limited seats... so CLICK HERE to Reserve a FREE Seat and Join Us Today at 3:00 PM US Eastern Time!

Tamara Lowe
America's #1 Success Strategist
Founder & CEO, Kingdom Builders Academy


Hear what others are saying!

Jan Goss Gibson

"Since I found Tamara Lowe and Kingdom Builders Academy I picked up 9 clients in less than 2 weeks, I have extra money in all of my accounts, I have been able to tithe and give on a bigger scale, and I feel like my heart has been cleaned out with a roto-rooter! Thank you feels rather insufficient... But, thank you."

Kortia Cousin

"Tamara's training not only helped me develop my own coaching program, but also opened the door to bigger opportunities! I am BLESSED to now have my own television program featuring my coaching!"

Michelle Chudy

"Huge praise!!! My book just hit #1 on Amazon in three categories! I thank God and Kingdom Builders Academy for this!"

John Volinsky

"We raised $150,000,000 in donations for World Vision because of Tamara's training. We are amazed by the results!"

Brenda Bowers

"Finding Tamara Lowe has been a great discovery of my life. Tamara is a phenomenal coach and teacher. She is a unique evangelist in the marketplace. This is more than an idea but an action and a movement."


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May 2, 2019

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