ECSA New Registration System (NRS) - Candidate Engineers

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Dear SAIMM Member

New Registration System – Candidate Engineers: 

This serves as a reminder that  from 1 April 2016, all applications for registration as a Professional Engineer will only be considered in terms of the New Registration System (NRS).  Members who are in the process of applying via the old system will need to do so as soon as possible. However, if you don't think you will meet the 1 April deadline, we recommend that you start right now applying via the NRS. Most of what you would have done via the old system can be transferred into the NRS without difficulty.
From this date (1 April 2016), applications for registration as a Professional Engineer in terms of the Legacy (old) System will no longer be applicable or accepted.

For more information, kindly view the links below:
- Application Form: Registration as a Professional Engineer (Paper based New Registration System). 
- R-01-P Policy on Registration.
- R-02-PE:Competency Standard for Registration as a Professional Engineer.
- R-03-PE Processing of Applications for Registration as Candidate Engineer and Professional
- R-04-P: Training and Mentoring Guide for Professional Categories.
- R-08-PE:Guide to the Competency Standards for Registration as a Professional Engineer. Erratum:
   the last sentence of Section 7.4 of document R-08-PE is to be deleted

Discipline Specific Training Guide for Candidate Engineers in:
- Aeronautical Engineering.
- Agricultural Engineering.
- Chemical Engineering.
- Civil Engineering.
- Electrical Engineering.
- Industrial Engineering.
- Mechanical Engineering.
- Metallurgical Engineering.
- Mining Engineering.

For more information, please contact ECSA Registration department on 011 607 9500.


Sam Moolla
SAIMM Manager
Telephone: +27 11 834 1273  l  Facsimile: 086 585 2901

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