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WebMD Health 21:18
     On average, the U.S. sees about 55 maternal deaths a month. In August of 2021, 22 pregnant people died of COVID-19 alone, the highest toll of any single month during the pandemic.

WebMD Health 17:57
     Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is one of the most common phobias, and many people don't get help even though there are remedies.

WebMD Health 17:34
     Getting scared is a completely normal reaction, especially when you watch horror movies or walk down an alley alone in the dark. There is a reason why you feel fear almost as if it's physical.

Mark's Daily Apple 20:35

Research of the Week

The people who need the vaccine most of all—the metabolically unhealthy—have the lowest antibody response to vaccination.

100% of Spanish breastfeeding women have elevated levels of acrylamide, a toxin caused by heating vegetable oils.

A high-soybean oil diet (sound familiar?) causes colitis in rodents.

Those who secrete the most insulin are more likely to lose more lean mass and less body fat during weight loss.

Breastfeeding on a ketogenic diet imparts high enough ketones in the milk to prevent seizures in the nursing baby.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts
Episode 1: Mark Sisson and Morgan Zanotti: Morgan and I talk about the Primal Kitchen story.

Health Coach Radio: Dr. Shanté Cofield says the time will pass anyway, so why waste it?
Media, Schmedia
What they don't mention is that the same data shows that 49% of teen girls are anemic.

Gorilla dies in the arms of the ranger who first rescued her. Storybook ending, bittersweet.

Interesting Blog Posts
Some interesting ways to use potato starch in the kitchen.
Social Notes
Are you putting mayo in your coffee yet?

On breathing less.
Everything Else
An elephant's memory.

Babies are full of microplastics.
Things I'm Up to and Interested In
Reminder: Selenium status is one of the best predictors of COVID mortality, and we're doing nothing about it.

Like for like: Move your body, move your brain.

Interesting study: "COVID-19 vaccination and subsequent dishonest behavior."

Big if true: Blood pressure drugs appear to offer no mortality benefit to patients aged 18-59 with mild to moderate hypertension.

What have I been saying?: Early screen time predicts myopia.
Question I'm Asking
What's your most important healthy behavior, the one with the most impact on your life?
Recipe Corner

Shrimp and avocado salad: and you thought salads were boring or nutrient-poor.
Basic guac is best guac.

Time Capsule
One year ago (Oct 2 – Oct 8)

How to Eat Meat and Still Reduce Your Environmental Impact— It's very possible.
How to Foster Healthy Body Image in Children— How to do it.

Comment of the Week
"I need fire to grow, also.

I need that passion that drives whatever I do to be something more than the simple act.

I need that burning desire to hold the woman I love with a jealous embrace.

I need the spark that pushes me to look over the distant horizon or to crest the next wave, and to experience the unknowable world beyond the familiar.

I need the drive to grow and shine and be better today than I was the day before.

I need water and nutrients, just as that sequoia does. Similarly, I need that fire to be more than simply alive."

-Me too, hate_me.

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NYT > Health 19:23
     Women who went to prison for killing their abusive partners are starting over at Home Free, an apartment complex created by design volunteers in San Francisco.

Health | The Atlantic 19:35
     Actually, you're probably not in quarantine.

The Complete Herbal Guide 17:15

Here are 5 ways how cycling with an electric bike is helpful to your weight loss adventure.

The post 5 Ways Electric Bikes Help You Lose Weight appeared first on The Complete Herbal Guide.

Designs for Health 19:06

Type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), is a medical condition that is growing in numbers on a global scale. Worldwide, approximately 463 million adults have been diagnosed with diabetes, and those numbers are expected to surpass 700 million by 2045. Diabetes has a significant impact on economics, along with complications, disability, premature death, and treatments with poor quality of life contributing to the rising financial burdens. Problems related to nutritional status are frequently assessed among individuals with NIDDM.

A recent review article by Petroni and colleagues, the targeted nutritional approaches for this population are discussed. These researchers consider the potential importance of targeted nutrition to support metabolic function and the cardiovascular system.

The researchers review micronutrients such as inositol (a phytonutrient found in its myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol forms) to treat NIDDM. Additional studies indicate that irregularities in the metabolism of myo-inositol and D-chiro-inositol may lead to insulin resistance and the potential development of diabetic conditions. Inositol may contribute to glucose regulation through its secondary messengers by increasing the activity of glucose transport proteins. 

Other micronutrients highlighted in the review article include vitamin D. Deficiencies in vitamin D have been linked to vascular inflammatory responses. Serum levels of 25(OH)D were found to be significantly lower in individuals with NIDDM compared to healthy subjects. Studies have shown supplementation with vitamin D has significantly improved biomarkers related to insulin resistance in certain populations. 

Niacin is another micronutrient described by Petroni and colleagues. Niacin is a B vitamin with an extensive body of research that has investigated its supportive role for glucose metabolism. Niacin plays a role in hundreds of redox reactions in the human body that are important for cellular function and energy. Niacin has been shown to support lipid metabolism and cardiovascular health and to significantly restore C-peptide release. 

Certain minerals may also support glucose metabolism and other aspects of health in individuals with NIDDM. Chromium has been shown in the meta-analysis to have positive effects on glucose control in patients who have diabetes with no increased risk of adverse events as compared to a placebo. It also has been shown in combination with picolinate to reduce fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1c, and triglycerides, and to increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels. Supplementation with zinc has been shown to support health in individuals with NIDDM.

Zinc supplementation has been observed in clinical trials, and the results have indicated significant reductions in the levels of fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c, total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. In addition, zinc deficiency can be common in those with NIDDM. 

Magnesium is also an important mineral in this population. Intracellular magnesium is a modulator of insulin action, and it may play a protective role in the risk of diabetes. In more than 40 cohort studies involving more than 1 million participants with follow-ups ranging from 4 to 30 years, dietary magnesium intake was associated with a reduction in relative risk of NIDDM by almost 20%. Supplementation with magnesium has been shown to help improve insulin sensitivity and metabolic control. Clinical studies involving magnesium supplementation have observed favorable effects on several biomarkers related to NIDDM. 

Certain micronutrients, such as magnesium, chromium, niacin, vitamin D, and inositol, may support glucose metabolism and cardiovascular and cellular health. Correcting nutritional deficiencies may be beneficial for individuals with NIDDM.  Diet, lifestyle, and supplementation may support both metabolic and overall health in individuals with NIDDM.

By Colleen Ambrose, ND, MAT

PHDSC 18:29

Last month, I got numerous E-mails asking my opinion about a supplement called "Biotox Gold". So, I decided to wear my Sherlock Holmes Hat again,...

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Exclusive Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Nursing Essay Writing Service

Nursing essay writing requires you to be creative. It also requires you to gain relevant knowledge about nursing. If you hire professional nursing writing services, your challenges of writing a nursing essay will be removed. When you are given prompt assistance, you will be able to deliver a good essay. Keep reading to acquaint yourself […]

Exclusive Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Nursing Essay Writing Service
HealthStatus Crew

HealthStatus 18:00

Combating Skin Issues With Ease

There are many skin problems that we deal with from birth until death. Many of us had newborns that had issues with milia, eczema, drool rashes; by the time our children are ten months old, we've become pseudo-dermatologists with our ability to diagnose skin issues like rashes based on-site alone. Another example of how motherhood […]

Combating Skin Issues With Ease

Trusted Health Products - Natural Health News 18:45

We'll explore four options for dealing with the root cause of your knee pain and help to relieve it.


Trusted Health Products - Natural Health News 18:07

To maximize your me-time, read on for several self-care ideas to help you relax, restore and regenerate. 


Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias 21:27

You don't have to wait until the new year to make positive changes and set goals for your health and wellness. Use this post every week for the next month to adopt a new wellness strategy. When you add them all up, you'll stride into the holidays feeling confident and healthy! Wellness Tip of the […]

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... cannabis oil in children with [West syndrome] had a good tolerability" and that "four (50%) of eight had a more than 50% seizure reduction."
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Legalization of medical cannabis has accelerated the research of cannabis-based medication for the treatment of a number of diseases and disorders, including ...
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NYT > Health 13:17
     António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, assailed the imbalance of Covid-19 vaccine distribution between rich and poor countries as he sought $8 billion to help narrow the divide.

NYT > Health 13:20
     Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that because flu infections were low last year, immunity was likely to be diminished, making it doubly important to get inoculated.

Shots - Health News : NPR 15:15
     America's hospitals are already strained from the delta surge. Now they fear they'll be further overwhelmed by pent-up demand for services and a potentially bad flu season.

The Complete Herbal Guide 14:18

Here are 11 healthy foods to heal the body during addiction recovery.

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HealthStatus 12:40

11 Common Conditions That Can Be Treated By A Chiropractor

Seeing a chiropractor may yield benefits that can significantly improve one's physical and mental well-being. You can think of a chiropractor as a doctor offering care that complements traditional medical solutions. Unlike doctors, however, chiropractors don't prescribe medication, so they're always thinking outside of the box in order to address their clients' concerns. They also […]

11 Common Conditions That Can Be Treated By A Chiropractor

Health – Suntrics – Latest Business, Health, Tech & Lifestyle Blog 14:07

You're looking in the mirror and wondering why those stubborn areas are not going away. You cut the carbs, increased your exercise, and tried all these different diets, but still nothing. Some people have stubborn pockets of fat due to gender, genetics, age, and lifestyle.

The truth is, you can't target fat loss in only one area of …

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The Health Care Blog 13:00
     Today on THCB Spotlight, Matthew sits down with Tendo's CEO, Dan Goldsmith, and President, Jennifer Goldsmith. Tendo is in the patient engagement space, and Jennifer tells us about the vision behind the Continue reading...

Healthsoothe: Health And Dental Care 12:21
     Women heavily depend on wigs and hair extensions; they rarely complain about weavon and their prices, as long as the product they purchase satisfy their need. The use of hair extensions was not this common, it used to be for the bold and daring. However, anyone – male and female – now use hair extensions […]

Healthsoothe: Health And Dental Care 12:01
     One of the reasons there is abundance in the population of medical students in Nigerian universities is because of the attractive doctors' salary in Nigeria. Although the medical profession is one of high prestige, it is not as lucrative and financially rewarding as it used to be; however, it is still one of the best […]

Health & Healthier 11:29
     Everyone loves McCain Aloo Tikki especially children because of its taste and flavor. It is a processed food with a combination of mashed potatoes and some Indian spices that actually build its taste. Mccain Aloo Tikki has become famous because of the resemblance of its taste with the traditional aloo Tikki recipe and its quick …

McCain Aloo Tikki Review – Is it safe? Read More »

Oct 08, 06:00

NYT > Health 05:11
     The arsenal of weapons to use against malaria, which kills hundreds of thousands of people annually, just grew bigger.

HealthStatus 09:45

Healthista 04:05

Finish 2021 with a bang and try out these cool and trendy fitness classes - perfect to boost immunity, let off some steam, practice your zen and uplift your mood

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You Must Get Healthy 05:29

First responders are people who responds first at the scene of any emergency, such as an accident, natural disaster, or violent attack. They are the first to arrive and provide help to victims of medical emergencies. Occupations that can be classified as first responders include law enforcement officers, paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and firefighters. […]

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Healthsoothe: Health And Dental Care 08:16
     Addiction has often been compared to a disease, and while many may think that it's an extreme comparison, we think it's pretty accurate. After all, addiction can severely affect every aspect of your life. It often eats you up from the inside and can cause you to lose everything important to you – your job, […]

Healthsoothe: Health And Dental Care 08:01
     Age is just a number, as most people say these days. You can be well over 50 but would still be partying like a 21-year-old in college. Both of these options are connected, though; if you are a healthy, senior individual with good health, then chances of you having the same energy levels as that […]

Healthsoothe: Health And Dental Care 07:46
     Your smile is one of your biggest assets. It can reflect your thoughts or complement your behavior at any given moment. Above all, it forms an image of your personality. Modern lifestyles and habits have changed various aspects of our health and appearance. When you meet someone, their physical appearance is often the first thing […]

Oct 08, 00:00

NYT > Health 23:22
     António Guterres, the United Nations secretary general, assailed the imbalance of Covid-19 vaccine distribution between rich and poor countries as he sought $8 billion to help narrow the divide.