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There are real reasons why we gain weight, often not obvious at first glance and sometimes only revealed with the benefit of hindsight.

The same goes for reasons why we manage to lose it successfully.

A force, internal or external, causes a big mind shift. For some people it builds up over time, for others it’s quick and dramatic.

The shift leading to Amy’s 4 stone loss was dramatic and not comfortable. She’s very direct in her telling and has some fab tips, here it is

New Tip for Telly Lovers (and others who like to keep their minds occupied)

We often hear that too much time in front of the telly leads to weight gain. Pretty obvious … long periods of sitting don’t burn many calories.

But it seems there’s more at play here, as researchers from University of Sussex found, that doesn’t involve exercise, find out more

Listen to Your Gut Feelings for Better Body Image

Negative body image causes a lot of problems for people, including making it harder to control weight. Here’s why researchers from Anglia Ruskin University say gut feelings can be good for you

7-Day Pass Deadline

Last day to get started with your 7-day free pass is Monday 24th August. The code is 7479 and you can use it here

Amy lost 4 stone within a year

Amy’s story reveals the emotional turmoil that can play a big part in weight gain and loss, read it here


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