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instagram Using garbage bags and duct tape, Eric Ducharme (@themertailor) created his first mermaid tail at age seven, inspired by watching the underwater mermaid shows at Florida's Weeki Wachee Springs. "From the first moment I saw a 'real live mermaid,' I knew I was going to be doing something for the rest of my life that involved mermaids," Eric remembers. His grandmother taught him how to sew, and, aiming for a realistic looking tail, he started experimenting with different materials like spandex and rubber. "For me it was all about trial and error," Eric says. "My weekly allowances went to making mermaid tails!" Now, 17 years later, Eric runs his own business, producing handcrafted mermaid tails for a living. Between sculpting, mold-making, airbrushing and answering emails from clients in Australia, Eric says there's never a dull moment being a 'mertailor.' "It is quite the day, I have to tell you!" Photo by @themertailor

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shoutoutforyoung Say hiii to miss beautiful eyes follow her @sandhyabcsingh Want an s/0!? Follow the admins @_dreamer_believer_achiever_ @sagar8210 @vishnu_tejani11

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theonetrevor its actually sunny when your above the clouds :) #sf #cloudscapes

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