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"I’ve certainly become more aware of what a regular sized food portion now looks like and how much we tend to over-eat." says Graham - that’s after he dropped 2 stone during 3 months of lockdown in Dubai.

Like many of us living where there's lots of food and drink around, Graham did what comes naturally - stock up!   

Simply getting back in touch with the portion sizes his body really needed was key, here’s his story

Refresh Your Store of Food Ideas

Brighten up your day with something delicious that won't break the calorie bank. Here is our autumn trawl of new and delicious lower calorie eats and drinks

Surprising Ranking for 9 Heart Health Factors

What you eat makes more difference to your chances of having a heart attack than any other factor, including smoking and obesity.

You may be surprised by the order of severity for the 9 factors that have an impact

Coffee Before Breakfast?

If you’re concerned about blood sugar levels, you may want to have your first cup after you’ve eaten your first food – especially if you’re not getting enough good sleep, here’s why

Best Exercise for Older People

It’s great to see researchers presenting their results in an interesting and easy to understand way.

This short video explains how much different types of exercise can increase life span for over 70s, take a look

Lockdown Slimdown

Graham decided to slim down because of a health checkup, but it's the clothes in his wardrobe he can now wear that really make him smile, here's how he did it

8379 Stamps Awarded

(At time of writing, Sunday eve.)

Getting stamps for doing things that help shed pounds is proving popular amongst members:

"This challenge has definitely inspired me to get serious again to lose all the weight I have gained since March." smarja

"I love that it's addictive, I think this challenge seems perfect for getting into good habits, especially in the run up to Christmas ☺" Frankenweenie

You can try Countdown to 21 here


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