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Hi Kuka,

Many of us will relate to the curve balls, uncertainty and not quite feeling in control that Sarah talks about in her ‘second time around’ story – especially in times like these. It’s an inspiring read

New Aldi Plan …

This time we check out the Aldi aisles for good lower calorie convenience choices. The plan includes meals and snacks for 7 days, plus extra dinner alternatives, here’s the plan

… and an Updated Favourite

We’ve updated our M&S plan with new quick and tasty choices, get the plan

Always Feeling Hungry?

Hunger hormones can make shedding pounds harder and nag you to give up trying.

So it's useful to know what these hormones are, how they work, and what we can do about them. Find out more

Easy Meat Free Recipes

If you’ve taken the November Veg Pledge, stock up with some easy homecooked ideas for tasty meat free meals, get the recipes

Eating Less Suppresses Liver Cancer

Liver cancer from too much fat in the liver has been on the increase throughout the world. Reversing this trend could be as simple as eating less say the authors of this new research

2½ stone and 3 sizes down in 4 months and 1 week

Sarah got fed up with the stress of always thinking “I really must do something about my weight”, and really did it, here’s her story


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