Your Word Today: "It's Time, It's Time, It's Time - Do Not Give Up"

May 5, 2019

"It's Time, It's Time, It's Time! Do Not Give Up!"
Anne Marie Molster and Amie Rogers

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzJust the title of this article will speak volumes to you:

"It's Time, It's Time, It's Time! Do Not Give Up!" 

Have you felt like giving up? Giving up your hopes, your dreams, your promises, etc?

Well, DON'T! Read this most encouraging word by Anne Marie Molster and Amie Rogers and whatever you do, "Do Not Give Up!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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"It's Time, It's Time, It's Time! Do Not Give Up!"
Anne Marie Molster and Amie Rogers

The Lord Is Calling Forth His Elijahs

There is a particular story of Elijah I've seen repeatedly over the past several weeks. It is the events played out in 1 Kings 18:16-39. In this scenario, you read about an alter Elijah built. This altar had a bull sacrifice upon it, and the bull was laid on not only wood but also rocks; a trench was dug and encompassed the altar and then everything was doused with water until the trench was filled. It was this alter he called down fire from Heaven to burn it all, and it miraculously did.

We are in a moment of miraculous manifestation from Heaven that requires our obedience and, more importantly, our boldness! You see, set before a massive crowd was what I call, an "Altar of Impossibility." Many of us have multiple Altars of Impossibility in our lives; be it our finances, family, relationships, health, work – you name it, there is something about that situation that holds the appearance of "impossible."

As the Lord is calling us out to be His Elijahs, we are being tasked with boldly standing at our Altars of Impossibility. In our deep-rooted trust and obedience, we boldly speak out His truth over that situation and in doing so, we are placing God's name on that altar and calling forth His possible to come handle our impossible! Speak it even when your thoughts and emotions don't want to line up with the truth; shout it out anyway. Those thoughts and emotions will eventually submit to the truth because there is power in it!

Our lives, as well as the purpose we are walking in, and all the plans within that purpose, are not simply for us. Our Creator and heavenly Father is so multi-purposed and multi-faceted, how could we possibly believe what we're walking in is one-sided? Instead, we must understand that His plan is much bigger than this, than us, and greater than what we could ever imagine. For this very reason, God is seeking those with an intense boldness in their faith; boldness in knowing exactly what He has placed in their hands is what He is going to fulfill.

Many miss this mark because they believe their bold, out-of-the-box dreams and visions need to be contained and minimized to be considered acceptable, much less attainable. They might as well place them in a box labeled "fragile and perishable." Broken and lost is exactly what they will become if not given the width, breadth and depth that God designed them to have. The vision of His purpose over them needs to be unlimited!

Those who know the importance of the task at hand also understand the inclusiveness of God's nature. These purposes and plans within are not designed to reach or touch just one, but to ripple further into the lives of many others – into the lives of each one that witnesses God's greatness displayed.

We must remember our boldness is simply a manifestation of our surrendered obedience. The spotlight isn't on us; it's on God and how He is working in each and every circumstance, situation and relationship.

Do Not Give Up

I recently had a vision of a tug-of-war game. In the vision, this game wasn't being played in a way of fun or enjoyment. I saw myself sitting in the mud pit, watching the flag in the middle going back and forth over my head. I felt my thoughts and emotions going back and forth like that flag. I was going back and forth from faith to disappointment, trust to worry and peace to fear. I then heard the Lord's voice boom out, "It is time to pick a side and pick up that rope! Are you going to believe what you see or are you going to believe in My promises? I'm telling you right now, it is time to pick up that rope and pull with all your might! DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE UP! IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME, IT IS TIME!"

It's time to set your face as flint. Know you will not and cannot be moved because those things set before you were God-breathed and set within you at the time of creation. You have to grasp a hold of it; you have come too far to give up now. No one has ever pitched his or her tent in the middle of the battlefield, don't you do it either!

The moment you cried out to our heavenly Father, the answer was sent out. It hasn't manifested yet because the war waged over it has been so intense. I am telling you, it is breaking through and it is on the way. IT IS TIME!


I keep hearing "Resurrection" over many situations, dreams and relationships, but in these seemingly old and dead things, the Lord is bringing about a new and unusual resurrection.

He has reminded me of the story of Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 15, 17, 21); how Abram and Sarai received their promise before they received their new names. We have all been in a preparation and waiting period. We have had a hold on our promises in that waiting process but the Lord is now coming to us with our new names and our promises in His hands.

I remembered a teaching I heard several years ago. The pastor shared how in the Hebrew language, one letter completely changed their names from Abram to Abraham and Sarai to Sarah. This one letter "Hei" is what was added to their names; this one letter is God's name and breath. He put His name on theirs and it shifted everything! After the name change, comes the manifestation of the promise. There is a fresh breath of God blowing over us for this season we're stepping into. The Lord is saying, "I AM adding My name to yours, giving you newness, healing, refreshing and fresh vision to see that as you step out of this past and present weariness and waiting, you are stepping into what you have deemed impossible!"

There is going to be a massive awakening – a realization that God DOES answer prayers and He DOES move in miraculous ways! All the fear of disappointment and hope deferred will be shattered in an instant and in the manifestation of that long-awaited thing! I see wealth transfers happening in unprecedented ways. I see long-term relational separations suddenly come together after one phone call. I see long-term health issues suddenly healed and a check-up at the doctor's stating, "There is no longer evidence of disease."

I hear "unqualified to qualified." That job you've been hoping and praying for but were denied opportunity because you lacked something, is suddenly offered because "you are the right person for the job." All the impossible in your life will now shout, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!" He qualifies all those deemed unqualified. He heals ALL disease, He provides in ways we could never fathom. He IS showing up and ALL will soon see the Church walking in the fullness of ALL it was created to be!

Season of "Won't He Do It!"

"The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10 NKJV)

I hear so many declaring, "Won't He do it!" but their thoughts and emotions have been more aligned with, "Will He really? Or am I just going to be left in the dust of disappointment...again?"

Firstly, our Heavenly Father understands this and does not condemn you for the struggle. He knows there are many contending for very difficult things and situations that He has spoken His promises over. When the view of impossibility is so intense, up close and personal, it does become quite the battle over our hope, faith and trust. Remember, faith and trust are two separate things but they ride in tandem together. When riding together, it helps build our trust muscle. When our faith begins to wane in the testing, our trust remains steadfast and keeps pushing us forward. Our faith can be as tiny as a mustard seed, but jointly with our trust, it destroys mountains, it shatters gates of bronze and melts through bars of iron (Isaiah 45:2).

We are stepping into abundance; abundant joy, abundant relationships, abundant health, abundant provision, and abundant fulfillment in the plans and purposes to which each of us are called. There is no longer any old seasons or old ways, so shake off the old impoverished thinking. You are called, you are chosen, you are worthy and you are a child of the Most High King! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Anne Marie Molster & Amie Rogers
Raw & Real Ministries


Anne Marie Molster and Amie Rogers have a deep desire to see Heaven manifest here on Earth in all it's miraculous nature – becoming the new normal and reality in their lifetime. They believe that there is a fresh fire, revelation and anointing of new gifts coming to ALL who are surrendered to God. They want to see others healed through the prophecy of their personal testimonies and through the healing power of God's Word and manifested presence in their lives. Their hope is to help others shift their view of life's circumstances from that of one in a valley, to one high above with a heavenly perspective. From this vantage point, it will ultimately exchange pain for God's purpose. This transformation will activate a deeper level of faith that will in turn bring about the ultimate victory God intended since the beginning.

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