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GCP's global network continues to gain momentum with new regions and zones

Google Cloud Newsletter, June 2017. Cloud trends, resources, and platform news.
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Cloud SQL
Oregon's new zone and services.
VM Options
New CPUs join custom VM options.
Python 3.6 is now ready to deploy in the Flexible environment—and has already rolled out to more than two million apps in the Standard environment with updated libraries.
The open-source, multi-cloud delivery platform offers GCP-friendly features, including autoscaling and autohealing for GCE, as well as Stackdriver logging, auditing, and monitoring. Get the details on the GCP Podcast.
Google, IBM, and Lyft team up on an open-source service mesh to connect, secure, manage, and monitor microservices. And it installs on a Kubernetes cluster with a single command.
Marketers can now use Google Cloud and BigQuery to securely access and analyze detailed, impression-level data from cross-device media campaigns, CRM systems, and marketing databases.
Building bulletproof apps with Firebase on GCP.
Give your apps access to the full range of GCP infrastructure—then add machine learning and Cloud Functions.
Visualize streaming wearables data with Looker and Fluentd.
Learn to combine BigQuery, Cloud APIs, and other tools to stream and analyze IoT and app data—on the cheap.
How Shazam moved its build boxes to GCP—and saved big.
Shazam built a Jenkins plugin to manage the online/offline status of its custom Compute Engine VMs. Fork it.
Create a cloud-based serverless pixel tracking architecture.
Set up a fully managed pixel tracking solution that scales securely, so you can focus on building your brand.
Use Single Sign On (SSO) to integrate your app with G Suite.
Join 800+ pre-integrated third party apps using enterprise SSO standards OpenID Connect and SAML.
How En Marche used an open-source web platform and GCP to elect Macron.
In April 2016, the party that would elect the next president of France didn't exist. Then they built a website.
analyzing terabytes on the go from my cell phone. #bigquery is simply awesome. /cc @googlecloud
somehow I managed to corrupt and make debian server crash within 2 minutes of launching. Lucky @googlecloud is so fast I just made another.
Latest research from scientists at a leading University from the United Kingdom have discovered a surprising link between having a desire to itch in an “odd” certain part of your body and the onset of Alzheimer’s.
If you find yourself wanting to itch/scratch this part of your body scientists are saying this is a signal for the onset of the deterioration of neuronal pathways in the brain, and ultimately Alzheimer’s.
Find out if you are showing the early warning signals of Alzheimer’s right now.