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"The Year of the Mighty Decree to Restore What Was Lost"

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October 10, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

     Our decrees are powerful... and more and more prophetic voices are saying that this new decade is a time to "speak and decree" and watch our God-given words come to pass.

     Christy Johnston shares a powerful word with some amazing decrees YOU can be making in this time.

     Have you lost some things and need God's restoration to come into your circumstances?

     I encourage you to read through this awesome word and get ready to make some mighty decrees as Christy shares this word from the Lord:

     "What are you speaking? The door is ready and waiting to be opened; you will open it with your MIGHTY decrees." (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Flames upon Your Tongue

     Before we crossed over into the Hebraic year of 5780, I could hear the continual decree in my spirit, "THE YEAR OF RESCUE AND RESTORE." I was prompted to read Psalm 80 in the Passion Translation and was amazed to find that it is titled, "Rescue and Restore." In the subtitle is written, "...Asaph's poetic song, set to the tune of 'Your Decrees Are Like Lilies.'"

     Immediately when I read this, I knew we were to decree the year of "rescue and restore." Lilies speak of Jesus, and also of our lips speaking sweet, fragrant words.

     I want to show you how profound this Psalm is for the year of 5780 and the coming Gregorian year of 2020. I encourage you to study it, write it in your journals and align your heart with it, prophesying its promises over your own life, family and nation.

     As you may know by now, the number 80 in Hebrew correlates with the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the letter "pey." Pey has the numeric value of 80 and it symbolically means "mouth, word, expression, vocalization, speech and breath."

     This is a year of the mighty decree, and as we decree the answers ahead of time, God will come in great power to rescue and restore all that has been lost.

     There is an amazing mystery hidden within this letter pey, as it is believed that this one letter is also made up of two other letters, "kaf" and "yod." Without going too deep, it paints the picture of the divine spark (yod) of God, within the soul, or the place in the body where potential is actualized (kaf).

     The pictorial letter itself looks like a spark inside an open mouth. This year holds a divine invitation for you to open your mouth with the spark, or decree of God, that will set into flame the fires of revival. (Photo via Pexels)

     As you release the sparks of revelation that He reveals, prophesying His answers ahead of time, His plan of rescue and restore will be set into motion. You will begin to see, or have possibly already noticed, many prophetic words coming forth about decreeing in this coming year. Pay attention to these words, for they align with what God is saying.

     This will be a year of increased intercession, prayer and declaration, and it will result in RAPID answers and harvest.

     The question is, what do we decree? I believe there are 6 key decrees found within Psalm 80.

1. DECREE: "God-Enthroned, Be Revealed in SPLENDOR"

     I have been sensing for quite some time now that this new year is going to be a significant one. Every year is like a chapter with God, and each chapter reveals another facet of who He is. Within each chapter, we have a new invitation to step into and discover another realm of His glory, and I believe that this year, according to Psalm 80:1, will be a discovery of...(continue reading)


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