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WLR Newsletter: New Tasty Food Plan | Shockingly High Cal | Good News on Steak and Bacon


Hi Kuka,

It’s no wonder people find it hard to get started when it comes to losing weight. We’re conditioned to think we need to deprive ourselves of the pleasure of enjoyable food.

(You know the drill – swap meals for shakes, don’t eat carbs/sugar/fat/anything tasty.)

The fact is you can have a wide range of lovely food and be slim and healthy.

The new Autumn Slim Down plan we created for Bella magazine (and our readers) will satisfy your taste-buds and trim your waistline, get the plan

Calories ‘Shockingly High’

(and that’s just the side dishes)

Researchers from Liverpool University studied menus from the UK’s biggest restaurant chains looking at the starters, side dishes and desserts on offer and found the results shocking.

We didn’t particularly – but only because we research this information every year for wlr and the Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible.

It’s a worry because eating restaurant food (in or out) is something most of us do quite frequently these days, see the findings

Good News about Steak and Bacon

The results of a study from the University of Nottingham provide good news for meat lovers who want to eat healthily. Making relatively small changes to red and processed meat intake helped to reduce the risk of heart disease, find out more

There’s a Lot to be Gained from a 10% Loss

It’s Cambridge University researchers who’ve been busy for this study. They wanted to find out if a gentle regimen to lose 10% of body weight could put type 2 diabetes into remission, it did for a lot of people, get the results

Try a Challenge

There are 2 challenges currently running on wlr:

Lose a Stone Autumn

Lose a Stone is a back to basics challenge that sets you on the road to sustainable weight loss, take the challenge

Christmas Challenge

The magic mix of anticipation and a fixed deadline make this challenge a great choice for boosting your motivation, try the Little Black Dress or Little Black DJ


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