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2019 Research Highlights — Human Health Advances, Promising Medical Findings, Basic Research Insights

A small sample of NIH-supported research accomplishments from 2019

2019 Research Highlights

Health workers caring for a patient suspected of having Ebola

Human Health Advances

NIH accomplishments in disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment include treatments for the Ebola virus, gene therapy that reverses a rare immune disorder, and a blood test to detect myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome.

Polarized RPE monolayer on biodegradable scaffold

Promising Medical Findings

NIH findings with potential for enhancing human health include a way to predict which people at risk for psychosis may progress to full psychosis, insights into recurrent tonsillitis, and a patch to replace damaged retinal cells.

Brown fat activation

Basic Research Insights

Noteworthy NIH advances in fundamental research include evidence linking enterovirus infections with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), insights into how disrupted sleep may lead to heart disease, and nanoparticle robots that sweep away biofilms.

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