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The #1 Key to Success in 2020

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It's a very disturbing trend...

Look at the research studies, there is no denying it - every time the earth goes ‘round the sun, our church pews get a little emptier.

And then a little emptier...

And then emptier still.

These days - right on the cusp of 2020 and a brand-new decade - churches everywhere are looking like Blockbuster buildings after Netflix showed up.

But instead of wailing about the fact that people are leaving physical church buildings in droves... what if we instead focused on reaching people WHERE THEY ARE NOW?

They are still out there!

As hungry as ever for answers...

Looking for direction. And help. And healing.

But instead of looking to the Church for answers, they are looking on THE INTERNET for answers.

They are searching high and low on Amazon for BOOKS that could help them.

They are going to CONFERENCES.

They are listening to PODCASTS.

They are on YOUTUBE.

These hungry souls are all over SOCIAL MEDIA.

So, if you know how to use these channels... YOU can reach people like never before!

Case in point: A few years ago, my student Don Clowers, a pastor in his 70's had a vision...

Don saw himself speaking to a large crowd of elderly and disabled folks - people who normally weren't able to attend church.

But in his vision, Don was not preaching to a few hundred from the pulpit of his Dallas church... instead, he was speaking to hundreds of thousands - by using the internet.

A few months after getting this vision, Don took action.

Without much success - at first.

On his first few webcasts he was only able to get 10-20 viewers each week.

But inside him, the vision continued to burn. And he refused to give up.

So Don approached me to ask for help, and I taught him my "Inner Circle System" for reaching people online.

Within TWO WEEKS Don's webcasts were reaching 20,000 people each and every week!

And now, just a few months from the time he launched "Experienced Life Church Online," Pastor Don's weekly webcast is viewed by over 200,000 people every week!

From 20 to 200,000!!

Which, by the way, is more people than sit down on a Sunday morning in Joel Osteen's and T.D. Jakes' churches COMBINED.

(Think about THEM apples for a second.)

And my point?

Yes, people are leaving church buildings like never before. But if you understand -
How to write and publish books that people read
How to produce high quality videos, from home, without any expensive equipment
How to create online courses that people happily pay for
How to use social media to boost your visibility BIG time and attract your tribe

How to get invited to speak on the big stages, and get as many speaking gigs as you could possibly want or handle
How to get your websites to show up at the top of Google searches

How to get on podcasts where 1,000s or 10,000s of daily listeners eagerly listen to everything you share...

... Then you can reach people like never before.

... And mentor people like never before.

... And heal people like never before.

... And change lives like never before.

So if you'd like to learn how to do all that, with genuine confidence and ease...

Then register NOW for VISION 2020 LIVE.

Because during this LIVE online event (happening TOMORROW, January 1, 2020 at 12:00 Noon US Eastern Time) I will teach YOU the same strategy I taught Don for building an online following.

This is what I call my "Inner Circle System." A proven formula for building a global audience online, and then using this audience to fund a full-time ministry, give you quality of life, control over your schedule, and the impact that you want to have.

So that whatever YOUR burning vision is...
To become a bestselling author
To help people identify their gifts and live their best life
To reach the lost and win them to Jesus
To help women who have been divorced
To help parents raise godly children
To grow your current business or ministry
Or anything else that you are passionate about

... You can do that full-time, get paid handsomely for it, and do meaningful work that you feel called by God to do.

So IF you have a burning desire to do more in 2020...

Come learn my "Inner Circle System" on January 1, 2020, beginning LIVE at 12:00pm ET.

>> Register now for VISION 2020 LIVE <<


Tamara Lowe
#1 Amazon & New York Times Bestselling Author
Founder of Kingdom Builders Academy


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