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Why You Need "2020 Vision" for the New Year

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Dear Elijah List Reader,

We are at the beginning of a change that will shake the world at its very foundations.

Maybe you can feel it...

A shifting of the winds.

Next week, one decade ends and a new decade begins.

If you've been reading The Elijah List for the past few months or more, you know that 2020 is a landmark transition in the prophetic calendar.

And even though our computers are getting faster... and our medicine is getting better...

Christian influence in society is falling like a piano from a fourth story window.

Church attendance rates continue to plunge.

Whatever you say about the economy, you cannot deny that many Christians with powerful gifts and ministries... struggle to make ends meet.

All of these things are just symptoms and signs... of something bigger on the horizon.

2020 truly will usher in a decade of unprecedented change.

In times like this, there's one thing world badly needs and waits for... Christian men and women with VISION to lead the way forward.

Men and women who are BOLD. Who discern the times - have FAITH in God - and aren't afraid to sail straight into that wind and do great things for God.

But what does this have to do with YOU?


And here's why.

On January 1, at 12:00 Noon US Eastern Time... I will host an historic LIVE Online Event.

This will be a dynamic gathering unlike any other.

This 3-hour Mega-Cast will be laser-focused on helping YOU get crystal clear VISION for the double portion year of 2020.

So, if you want to SEE CLEARLY - with "2020 vision" - in this time when uncertainty in the air is so thick you could cut it with a knife...

But beware.

Because this is NOT going to be a tame "New Year's gathering" where we hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and write down a few spiritual resolutions.

This is going to be a strategic meeting of Christian leaders who will shape the culture for Christ... Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Ministry Leaders and Online Influencers from around the world!

If you feel called to make a bigger difference...

To change more lives...

To get your message out in a bigger way...

Then VISION 2020 LIVE is for YOU!

The energy of this webinar will be off the charts!!

And the outcome will be a burning VISION that propels you to do awesome exploits in 2020.

I believe that Christians have played a "defensive" game for too long.

We have been filled with fear - about the modern challenges that rain down like hailstones all around us - and have mostly just run for cover.

Shored ourselves up in our homes and church buildings.

Ignored the big problems, and played small.

And it is time for this to change.

It is time for Christians to rise up and go make a difference in the world, as the leaders, influencers and shapers of culture.

And that is why I am hosting VISION 2020 LIVE.

This will be a game changer for you, your family, your ministry and your future.

This will be one of my very best trainings, packed with strategies for expanding your reach, increasing your Kingdom impact, creating wealth and changing lives in 2020!

This webinar is going to be dangerous.

Register at your own risk.

If you want to make your life count for the Kingdom, then click below to RSVP for Free.

>> "SIGN ME UP for the war meeting on January 1" <<


Tamara Lowe
#1 Amazon & New York Times Bestselling Author
Founder of Kingdom Builders Academy


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December 27, 2019


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