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SAIMM: Journal Volume 120, No. 02, February 2020


 Journal Comment
 by J.H. Selby 

 President's Corner
 by M.I. Mthenjane    



Design of sidewall lining/cooling systems for AC or DC ilmenite smelting  furnaces
By H. Joubert and H. Kotzé
In ilmenite smelting, the slag produced is aggressive towards the furnace sidewall lining. The formation of a stable slag freeze lining is essential as the sidewall lining can be severely damaged within a short period of time. The effectiveness
of high-intensity copper coolers combined with an externally cooled furnace shell is explored.

Technological developments in processing Australian mineral sand deposits
By M.I. Pownceby, W.J. Bruckard, and G.J. Sparrow

Almost all Australian mineral sand deposits are placer deposits. The development of new technology for mineral separation and its adaption to changes in the composition of the minerals in the deposits are discussed. Also, novel processing conditions to lower the levels of impurity elements and to remove gangue minerals are summarized.

Online spiral grade control
By A.M. Russell

Online control of gravity spiral concentrators has not been widely implemented.
A new technique making use of process water jets for the control of spiral product quality is proposed, and which is suitable for retrofitting to existing spiral circuits. Tests carried out at a chromite plant processing UG2 flotation tailing have shown that online control of the spiral plant concentrate grade using this technique
is feasible.

A literature review and interpretation of the properties of high-TiO2 slags
By H. Kotzé

The properties of high TiO2  slags are markedly different from those of slags encountered in many other metallurgical processes. The objectives of this paper are firstly to review TiO2  slag properties, and secondly, to attempt to correlate published experimentally measured data with theoretically based parameters, which will enable the application of the measured properties to a wider range of slag compositions within the pseudobrookite-TiO2  slag system.

A geometallurgical approach to enhance the gravity beneficiation of a strontium deposit
By A. Perroton, T. Wallmach, S.B. Blancher, and G. Rameau

QEMSCAN® analyses and the QEMSCAN® integrated process simulation software were used to characterize a heavy mineral concentrate of celestine originating from the Beni Mansour deposit in Algeria. The objective was to propose physical methods to improve the quality of the concentrate by maximizing the strontium (Sr) grade and minimizing the barium (Ba) content. Density modelling by QEMSCAN®  software showed the potential to improve the quality of the celestine concentrate.


Assessment of errors in the transmission of the orientation and cartographic system from the surface to an underground mine
By L. Sanmiquel, M. Bascompta, and J.M. Rossell

The accuracy of the transmission of orientation between the surface and underground workings was assessed using the two-shafts plumbing and gyroscope methods. The different sources of error that affect the measurements are thoroughly analysed. Mine ventilation was found to be one of the most important sources of error in the plumbing method. The paper outlines some measures to reduce the influence of ventilation and details a compensation method.

Identifying barriers to growth in mineral value chains
By H.J. Van Zyl, W.G. Bam, and J.D. Steenkamp
This article describes the development of a framework that supports the identification of barriers to growth in mineral value chains. The resultant process was applied to the manganese value chain in South African, and 31 barriers to growth in this sector were identified. The results were validated by a panel of experts, and the feedback was used to improve the framework.

Kinetics of advanced oxidative leaching of pyrite in a potassium peroxy-disulphate solution
By J. Ma, Y. Tang, D.Q. Yang, and P. Pei

This study investigates the leaching kinetics of gold-bearing pyrite in the potassium peroxydisulphate system and the potassium peroxydisulphate-ferrous sulphate combined system. The results provide a basis for effective leaching of gold from gold-bearing pyritic ores using advanced oxidative leaching.

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