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Have You Been Robbed? God Says, 'Ask Me for What You Want!'

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August 27, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

     Many will be able to relate to this revelation from Jodie Hughes that I believe is a NOW word just for you!

     Have you been robbed from the enemy in some areas?

     I think we can all say "YES" to that!

     Well, now is the time for your redemption and restoration.

     I'm not going to give it away, but please read this most anointed and Spirit-filled word and receive it for yourself...and please forward on to everyone you know. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Be Bold, Specific and Real

     I woke up from a dream recently hearing the words, "Ask Me for what you want," and I knew that God was redeeming what the enemy has stolen, robbed or broken in the past seasons for many people right now.

     In the dream, a man called "Rob" and I were chatting about asking God for what we wanted at the moment. I was using so many words to express my point that I'd almost lost the point of what I was saying! The "man" wasn't listening as I was being unnecessarily "timid and nice," instead of speaking boldly and succinctly.

     Then I heard a voice say clearly, "Ask Me for what you want!"

     I immediately understood that it is important and urgent right now that we ask God for what we want. Don't get caught up in perfectionism, timidity, niceties or a dutiful, religious, "trying to get it right" way of praying, but just pray boldly! Be authentic. Be specific. Be bold.

     There is a grace to bring our petitions before God and actually pray them out! Pray, speak out, contend and decree, but ask God for what you want. Religious thinking would try and hinder or squash our freedom to just come before God and boldly ask, activating our faith.

"Call Back Your Stuff"

     I understood that "Rob" in the dream represented a "robbing" spirit that has mercilessly come against the Body in recent times, and God is currently, radically, redeeming what the enemy has stolen. You don't negotiate or behave nicely with a robbing spirit, you boldly kick him out and call all your stuff back in Jesus' name!

     It is so important to call our stuff back right now. There's a boldness required – a fierce speaking out – specifically for what we are contending for, to evict the enemy's lies. God is anointing your declarations AS YOU SPEAK with fierce courage and new authority.

     It is important to be vulnerable, authentic, honest, to the point, and bold as we come before God in the throne room. God wants us to partner WITH Him in decreeing Heaven's solutions, bringing redemption and breakthrough, by inviting us to ASK Him. It's time to boldly and fiercely decree back what has been stolen. (Photo via Unsplash)

     He also wants us to ask for the things on our hearts. This was very important in the dream, ascertaining what we are actually believing for and speaking it out boldly in prayer. Many will need to take time and make a faith list before the Lord and contend for specific areas in their lives.

Change Is upon Us

     As accelerated change is upon the nations, things are happening quickly, and not all of what's occurring is God's heart for the nations. A key and missing ingredient for breakthrough is often our voice. The atmosphere is ripe for change, to speak forth God-change. There is an urgency, right now, for voices of righteousness and faith to partner with God and decree what He is saying over the earth as He partners with our prayers (Matthew 18:18). There is an equal urgency to speak out God's promises over yourself, silencing and canceling the voice of "the robbing spirit" and partnering in faith with God's Word.

     Yes, change is upon us. It is our birthright and responsibility to decree God's change. "Decree a thing" and see it established (Job 22:28) is imperative in this season. Our voice MUST establish Kingdom change. We must declare...(continue reading)


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