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Show Your Support for Israel - Get Your US-Israel Flag Pin

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Show Your Support for Israel - Request Your Flag Pin

Being a mom in Israel means there are rockets aimed at your children 24/7. I know, because I’m not only president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews – an organization that helps protect Israel – but I’m also an Israeli mother of four beautiful children.

Terrorists will stop at nothing to wipe Israel and her people from the face of the earth. We live dangerously close to enemies we did not choose – whose hatred for the Jewish people knows no bounds.

We face this threat of terror every single day. Rockets. Stabbings. Shootings. Like so many Israelis, my husband and I are parenting our children to be prepared and ready at a moment’s notice to run to safety.

We’ve even decorated our home bomb shelter as a playroom because our children must get used to being there for when – not if – the emergency sirens blare through the night.FREE U.S.-Israel flap pin

Israel needs a friend like you to show your support as we face this dangerous reality.

Take a stand in solidarity against those who strive to destroy Israel and the Jewish people by requesting your complimentary US-Israel Flag Pin. Your support will be a blessing to Israel as you proudly wear your pin to show that America stands with her greatest ally – Israel.

Thank you for taking a stand today!

Yael Eckstein

President, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

**Note: You will not be receiving this item from The Elijah List. This will be processed on the IFCJ site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.
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August 27, 2019

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