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SAIMM Journal Volume 119 No. 08 - August 2019


SAIMM Journal Volume 119 No. 08  - August 2019


By Mzila Mthenjane

Reflections on my Presidential Year
By Sehliselo (Selo) Ndlovu
Looking back: Our Centenary Year—1994
By John Anthony Cruise
25 years of evolution: a view from the Minerals Council
By Roger Baxter, Chief Executive Officer, Minerals Council
Reflections on the past 25 years in the mining industry
By Con Fauconnier
Mining engineering. Some perspectives on managing risk
By Don Ross-Watt
About a rights-based health and safety dispensation to developing the SAMREC code and more
By Roger Dixon
A perspective on how our mining and metallurgical industry has progressed over the past fifty years
By Nicholas Adrian Barcza
Larry Cramer reflects on the key role of education and learning
By Larry Arthur Cramer
The more things change, the more they stay the same... Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose'
By Willem Hendrik van Niekerk
The transition to democracy and its impact on SAIMM and the mining and metallurgy industry
By Gys Landman
There was a time
By Nielen van der Merwe
'I am confident that the SAIMM will survive and thrive in the next 100 years'
By Cuthbert Musingwini
Base metals production in Southern Africa provides the common thread between all the country branches in the SAIMM
By Marek Dworzanowski
125 Years? Only feels like 25!
By Jim Porter
Continuity and change
By Rodney Trevor Jones
What happened to rock engineering research in South Africa?
By Thomas Richard Stacey

SAMMRI: Working towards the sustainability of the South African mineral processing industry
By Cyril O'Connor (Co-Authors – V. Ross and J.R. Mann)
We said farewell to both the old year and century and welcomed in the new year and century
By Michael Howard Rogers
Reflecting on 25 years of democracy and the mining industry
By Alastair Stuart Macfarlane