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SAIMM: Journal Volume 119, No. 08, August 2019 - Part 1


Dear SAIMM members, 
The Special 125 year anniversary issue of the Journal will be sent in three parts, attached is part one up to page 13.

We apologise for splitting the Journal in three parts, as we are trying to maintain the quality of the PDF.
The e-mailed PDF document is highly compressed, in order to make it as small as possible for sending by e-mail.  A slightly larger higher-quality version is also available for downloading from the SAIMM website, where full copies of the Journal will be available for downloading at any time using the link below.

For people who like a page-turning electronic copy to read on their tablets, there is a service available at at no cost.
Please send any feedback you wish to provide to Kelly Matthee at

Mzila Mthenjane
SAIMM President 2019-2020

Rosemary Falcon
SAIMM Editorial Consultant