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3 Top Tips To Take Control Of Your Money Today

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Alright Friend,

For most aspiring to be FINANCIALLY free, (and this is really sad, but it's true...) their odds of becoming financially free are about as good as their odds of finding a four-leaf clover... in the Gobi Desert!

No, not for lack of trying...

... but for lack of knowing.

You can TRY to become FINANCIALLY free all day long... you can take on a second job you can take out a second mortgage and you can "pray" until you're blue in the face...

... but until there's a method to your madness, you're just nailing JELL-O to the wall.

So, in the spirit of knowledge which *actually* leads to success in this area...
Here are 3 of my Top Tips for
becoming Financially Free


How much do I owe? Get out a pencil and paper and write down every debt you owe. Make 2 columns. In the first column write the amount of the monthly payment. In the second column write down the balance owed.

What's my monthly income? At the top of the page write down how much income you have coming in monthly. You must know the facts before you can figure out a plan of action.

What debt needs to be paid off first? The debt with the lowest balance needs to be paid off first because it can be paid off the quickest. Make minimum payments on the other debts and put the extra money toward the lowest balance debt.

...hopefully that's helpful!

And also, I've got more coming your way!

Tomorrow, I'm gonna share my #1 piece of advice to aspiring financial leaders ... for how they can get the results they want, and quickly. So, click the link below and stay tuned!


Coach Teresa

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November 8, 2019

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